KeyScrambler: Block Keyloggers by Encrypting Keystrokes

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KeyScrambler is a keylogger blocker solution which can prevent you from keyloggers. With the help of KeyScrambler you can scramble your keystrokes enabling keyloggers to only record meaningless keys. It has a user friendly interface which helps you to see only the real time encryption. By encrypting the data your crucial information can be protected from key loggers. In this process deep encryption is added at the kernel which helps in adding a unique layer of defense to your pc security. It is a simple to use tool which help in protecting your pc from outside world. Some other keylogger blocking software we reviewed earlier include Keylogger Beater, and Anti Keylogger.

With the help of KeyScrambler there is no need to worry about the future put logging attacks and no need to worry about constant signature updates. It is a free plug in for web browser that protects your pc. After encryption when the encrypted key strokes reach your web browser key scrambler again decrypts it and your are able to see exactly the same key which you have typed. KeyScrambler is the solution which will protect you from both known and unknown key loggers.


Using KeyScrambler is very easy. You don’t have to learn anything new about how to use the software. It will automatically remove keyloggers and will keep your personal information secure.

It provides safety to your Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Flock browsers. It helps you get better control and understanding. There is manual testing using scan and fix. With the help of KeyScrambler, there is a defense by providing additional layer of security. The free version of KeyScrambler is 1.09 MB only and the installation process is also easy. It is a simple to use software. This free version is safe which scrambles almost any type of key loggers from your pc. Keyloggers would only able to record meaningless keys. There is a advance security layer added when it is installed on your pc. You need not to scan and fix the problem of scanning like any other anti virus, you just need to install KeyScrambler and will be protected from outside world.

So check out the new and exciting features of keyScrambler and protect your PC from various bugs and prevents you from keyloggers. Download it free here.

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Works With: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flock
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