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SpyShelter is a free anti keylogger that scans and detects keyloggers on your system. Anti Keylogger tool is fast and free software which protects your computer from keyloggers, Trojans and spy program and saves your data from theft.

This free anti keylogger scans your PC for any spy programs and leyloggers, since your data is unsafe in this case and you may face data loss due to malicious keyloggers. Anti-Keylogger tool is world’s first 64 bit anti keylogger.  Your computer saves much vital information like passwords, chat, and credit card numbers, etc., which is prone to data theft. The algorithm process is so fast that it doesn’t slow down your PC while scanning.

Note: This program is not an antivirus, and does not protects your computer against viruses. So, make sure your computer has a good free antivirus, and a good free firewall too.


It uses special algorithm to protect your data against

  • Spy software that steals your data or reveals them to outsiders
  • Dangerous and malicious keyloggers, which steals information sent by you from your computer

Stealing data from computer users and using them for own benefit is crime, and when done with help computers by using wrongful means is serious cyber crime. Keyloggers programs are favorites of cyber criminals which captures keystrokes, mouse clicks and files opened and closed by the users to steal information. Anti-Keylogger tool will protect you from such threats even when you are doing simple computer task. It scans your computer for vulnerable and weak spots in PC to keep check on most keyloggers and switch them off before they could attack your system database.

Some of the features of Free Anti Keylogger:

System protection:

Anti-Keylogger tool guards your registry entries, physical memory RAM and other vital computer parts. It scans the processes for malicious code cannot be injected to control your PC.

Clipboard logger protection:

Cyber criminals prepare such program which captures keystrokes like cut copy paste strokes and steals your vital info. This tool protects your data which can be recovered on Windows clipboard by cutting, copying and pasting. Thus no outsider can monitor your information and use them illegally.

Screen Logger Protection:

Some advanced keyloggers captures everything you see on the screen which makes your data readily readable to them. Even if you do not perform any operation in the file and just open them, than also there is threat of losing your data. This tool spots suspicious programs in you PC which captures your screen image to filch sensitive data from your computer.

Free Anti Keylogger:

The main function of this program is to be a free anti keylogger, and it does that well. It scans your system for any hidden keyloggers, detects them.

WebCam Logger protection:

Tool is designed to protect your web cams even when they are off. Now hackers will not be able to take control of your web cam and protects your privacy. However, this feature is available only in paid version of program.

Spyshelter has easy to use and intuitive GUI, dividing each task into tabular format. Anti-Keylogger tool is works with Windows XP (32 and 64 bit) and windows 7. However it does not works with Windows 95, 98 or ME or on MAC OS. There is no specific hardware requirement for running Anti-Keylogger tool; it only requires installation from web and running on your OS. It takes up only small about hardware and system resources.

Editor Ratings:
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