5 Best Free Firewall Software

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Here are 5 Best Free Firewall Software to protect your system against Internet threats. It prevents unauthorized access to your PC from incoming traffic. Here is what Wikipedia says about Firewall:

A firewall is a part of a computer system or network that is designed to block unauthorized access while permitting authorized communications. It is a device or set of devices which is configured to permit or deny computer applications based upon a set of rules and other criteria.

Internet is always an unsafe environment and security of your system is the first and foremost concern. Hence the need of an efficient firewall security that could control the incoming and outgoing traffic. There are different types of firewalls based on the type of security it provides. Here I will present 5 best free firewall software which you use.

1. Zone Alarm Free Firewall

Zone Alarm is a cutting edge firewall security option which blocks dangerous sites and downloads. Zone Alarm comes with a ‘Two way firewall’ which keeps track of all incoming and outgoing traffic protecting you from hackers and other intruders.

Zone Alarm firewall is easy to install and an excellent choice to protect your computer. All you have to do is to download and follow the installation and protect yourself from intruders. Zone Alarm is ranked as #1 firewall software and you can get this firewall for free.

Zone Alarm is a great way to keep your PC safe. Find Zone Alarm firewall free download directly by following the link.

2. PC Tools Free Firewall

PC Tools free firewall monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic in your system. The tool is built to work on Microsoft Windows platform. You can create rules to control your network activities with PC tools free firewall. It comes with an integrated application filter which helps you to block or allow the activities of the program.

This freeware firewall has an application level firewall as well as a rule based TCP/IP firewall. However some sort of experience is required to create your rules with TCP/IP configuration as no documentation comes with the tool. Reach PC Tools free firewall through this link.

3. Outpost Firewall Free

Outpost firewall free is another easy to use and reliable firewall that provides you with full protection for your system. The advanced Host protection feature of Outpost firewall free safeguards your systems against unwanted activity, blocking unwanted transactions, protecting your PC by monitoring program activity. The free firewall also provides protection to your PC from unauthorized system shutdown.

One of the unique features of this firewall is that it enables you to block unwanted images from showing up. This way you can make sure that you are not accidently jumping into offensive content while you surf through the internet.

Follow the link to reach you free Outpost firewall tool.

4. Ashampoo Firewall Free

This is yet another firewall protection that Ashampoo Firewall Free offers. The tool continuously monitors system processes and it has an Autostart Manager that controls dangerous malicious programs from harming your system.

Your privacy can be protected with the help of an Internet Cleaner feature that comes with the software. Another feature called IP Spam Blocker allows you to handle disturbing pop-ups. You can switch on to ‘Expert mode’ which helps you to activate powerful additional features that comes with Ashampoo Firewall free software.

One of the most highlighted technology features of this software includes monitoring local and LAN connections to identify suspicious activity in your network. Even though we may not be able to say that this is the most robust tool, for novice users this software is a great choice as it won’t frustrate you will complicated confusing computer jargons. Download Ashampoo Firewall Free through this link.

5. Online Armor Free Firewall

Online Armor Free is another solid free firewall protection for your system. Various features that come with free Online Armor firewall includes keylogger detection, tamper protection, script/worm protection, program guard, autostart protection, kernel mode security etc.

This powerful tool will help you keep your computer clean and infection free.So shield up your PC with Online Armor free firewall by following the link.


Every time you use internet service your computer is at risk of being hacked or attacked by malwares. Secure yourself with the help of these free firewall tools and download your favorite ones. Make sure you couple these firewalls with a good free antivirus, like Microsoft Security Essentials, or AVG.

Have safe browsing.

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