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AVG Free Antivirus is a free edition of antivirus to protect your PC from virus, threats, and malwareThis antivirus protects your PC from virus prone links, email inbound and outbound attachments, and it can scan root kits also for your protection.

You can also add a firewall to your computer separately by installing PC Tools Free Firewall. You can also read my other review on similar antivirus software: PC Tools Antivirus.

avg free antivirus

Features of AVG Free Antivirus:

This free antivirus has many cool features. The installation may take a little while but be careful in choosing the version; because you may end up installing a 30 day trail of paid version.

After your installation is complete you can view AVG free antivirus interface as shown in above screenshot. Just click on the Click To Fix It All. This fixes all the errors; it may even update your AVG.

Now let’s look at the features separately.

1. Computer: Click on the computer option available in the main window of AVG interface. There you can enable or disable the antivirus for your computer. Click on the settings option there you can see all the setting options. In the settings under computer section you can view and modify the settings of Anti-Virus, Anti-Rootkit, and Cache Server. If you click on statistics, then it will redirect you to it’s webpage on your web browser; showing all the details of scan. On the right side you have the option to scan root kits for viruses.

avg free antivirus root kits

2. Web Browsing: In this free antivirus the link scanner is available. You can enable or disable the link scanner. You can also view and modify the settings of link scanner. You can also see the statistics of link scanner results.

avg free antivirus free

3. Identity Protection: This gives a proactive identity theft protection and privacy-related security. You can enable or disable this setting. You can also view the settings.

4. E-Mail Protection: You can enable or disable this protection for both incoming and outgoing messages. You can also view the settings and statistics of email protection.

5. Scan Now: Click on scan now to full scan your computer. Click on the icon next to scan now to view various scan options. In this you can schedule scans, scan computer, and scan specific folders and files.

avg free antivirus scan

You can also update whenever needed by clicking on the update option. Keep the antivirus update whenever you have internet connection.

Use this amazing, colorful free antivirus to protect your PC from viruses. Click here to Download AVG Free Antivirus.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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