Keylogger Beater: Stop Keylogger from Recording Keystrokes

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Keylogger Beater is a free plugin for Firefox that acts like anti keylogger and stops keyboard strokes being recorded by keyloggers while you’re using Firefox.It provides a virtual keyboard for entering passwords so that keyloggers can’t record keystrokes to steal passwords.

How to Use Keylogger Beater to prevent keyloggers from recording keystrokes:

Activate Keylogger Beater by pressing CtrL+shift+k or you can right click and activate the program through Firefox’s context menu. When you are about to log into a secured site, a pop-up will appear below the password box. This pop-up has key combinations that ensure everything you type in is unable to be “understood” by anyone keylogging your computer. This virtual keyboard has a real key and a corresponding virtual key. To press the real key, you will press corresponding virtual key on your keyboard. For example, if you want the letter “A” then you may have to press the “A” key. So, keylogger will record key as “T”, while you have actually entered key “A” in password field. This may sound confusing, but learning the combinations will only take a short time. Once you have fully memorized the real keys and “shadow” keys, simply hitting the escape key will hide the combination pop-up.

Keylogger Beater

There is one more interesting way that Keylogger Beater provides to enter passwords. You can enter passwords and names, by moving the mouse over any key on the virtual keyboard for a couple of seconds. The application will recognize that and will insert the corresponding character in the input field. You do not need to click any key with mouse, just hovering over does the trick. This is also quite handy as many keyloggers capture screenshots when mouse is clicked. Also check out anti keylogger that we reviewed earlier.

Today most of us use the internet daily – whether it is for shopping, banking, making a doctor’s appointment or whatever – the internet, like the telephone, is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. So, with all these services available each of us has a password. Free Keylogger Beater stops keyloggers from capturing our passwords and other personal information. Once you have downloaded and set up this free application your passwords and private information is only known by you. Personally, I use password managers to store my passwords, as they make task of entering passwords quite easy.

Some of the features of Keylogger Beater:

  • This free Firefox extension utility works from inside Firefox. This means that if someone does try to capture your keyboard strokes, he or she will find it difficult, albeit impossible with the program within the browser.
  • Keylogger Beater only allows a keylogger access to random “shadow” letters, not the real letters.
  • Once the key combination is learned and understood, your computer passwords, etc are completely safe from keyloggers.
  • This free extension is available from Firefox’s option and add-ons menu.
  • Using the key combinations is very much like texting from a cell phone except easier.

For all Firefox users, downloading and installing Keylogger Beater, or extension, on your computer will keep your system secure and security is what we all strive for these days.

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