6 Best Free Password Managers

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Most of us end up having so many different passwords for different websites, that sometimes it becomes really hard to remember them. Writing them anywhere would defeat the whole purpose of having a password. A very simple solution is a Password Manager. Password Manager is a software that securely stores all your passwords, and you are provided with one master password to access all your passwords. This means that you need to remember just one password.

We have reviewed many free password managers. Here is a list of 6 of the Best Free Password Managers that we have come across. All of these are extremely easy to use, very secure, and completely free. Some have more features than others. So, go through the list, and see which one fits your needs.

1) KeePass Password Manager – Stores Passwords and Login Information

KeppPass Password Manager is my favorite Password Manager. It is extremely secure, and uses advanced algorithms for encrypting your information. Apart from passwords, it stores website URL, login name, and password. So, if you want to open a website, and add login information to that, just double click on that in KeePass Safe, and it will take care of that for you. This makes it extremely useful. Apart from that, you can carry it in your Flash drive so you can use it on any system. It works on almost all OS, including, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD.

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2) iPassMan Password Manager

iPassMan is another useful password manager. It works a lot like KeePass. You can store name of website, and the corresponding login information. You can also add some notes for your login information. To run a website, you can directly click on it in iPassMan, and it will open the website for you, and also fill in the login information. It works only on Windows.

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3) Efficient Password Manager – Store Passwords in Hierarchical Form

Efficient Password Manager is an easy to use password manager. One  interesting feature of this password manager is that it lets you store attachments with your passwords. Apart from that, it lets you organize your passwords in a hierarchical manner so that you can manage them better.

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4) MobileWitch Pass Safe – Password Manager for PC and Mobile

MobileWitch Pass Safe is another free password manager. What sets is apart from other password managers is that it works on both PC as well as cell phones. So, you can have just one password manager for both.

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5) MyPadLock – Simple to use Password Manager

MyPadLock is another simple to use free password manager. It uses very low system resources. It stores all your passwords in your hard drive, and secures that with 128-bit encryption.

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6) Billeo Offer Assistant – Store Passwords, and Save Money while Shopping

Billeo Offer Assistant is a free toolbar for your browser. It provides you free coupons and offers while you are shopping online. This really helps you in saving money. A great feature of Billeo toolbar is that it can store all your passwords for you, and then store them securely on your computer. So, if you go to some website, you can add password to it directly from Billeo toolbar.

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