7 Free Best Android Apps From Last Week Ending 6th May

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Here, are 7 free best Android apps from last week reviewed by us. Below are the best listed Android apps among all the Android apps which I installed and tested last week on my Android phone.

If you got a new Android phone and you are in search for exciting and best Android apps in Google Play Store, then install the below listed apps on your Android phone.

Psychological Test:

Psychological Test is a free Android fun app to have psychological test on your Android. You can easily fool others, that you are a psychologist and can do psychological test on your Android itself. The app comes up with multiple options to test psychology in multiple ways on Android. The app includes love test, animals, horoscopes, interview quiz, how do you look at love, surname profile and much more. The app is a fun app as the results are not accurate. The results look as if you have really created a psychological test, but are actually not accurate. The interface of the app is the most remarkable part of this Android psychological test app.

Tom’s Messenger:

Tom’s Messenger is a free Android fun app to send voice SMS with Tom from Android. The voice SMS is in the form of a funny video with Tom featuring in the video. You can easily record any sound on your Android and then share it via email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like. The specialty of this Android Tom’s messenger app is the video part. Tom featured in the video speaks up the voice message in such a way that it looks as if Tom has really recorded the message. The voice output of the app is also in the voice of Tom, which truly sounds funny when played. Apart from “Tom” featuring in the video, the app even provides multiple character selection on Android. You can select any character, record the sound and then you can share the video easily from your Android phone.

First Aid:

First Aid is a free Android app to get first aid instructions in emergency situation on Android. Android First Aid app is truly a useful app in Google Play Store to install on Android, as the app purely offers multiple first aid instructions to perform when you are in an emergency situation. The app comes up with instructions for multiple emergency situation types that includes heart attacks and shocks, joint and muscles, wounds and bleeding, poisoning, effects of heat and cold and much more. Along with telling the myths of the emergency, the app even tells you the facts related to the injury or emergency. You can even dial emergency numbers directly from the app.


TrackID is a free Android app to track or identify songs on Android. Track ID is a very nice Android app which smartly identifies the currently playing song on Android and diverts you to the download page on your Android. The only bad part of this Android TrackID app is its paid download link. The app diverts you to the webpage where you get the download link of the song which is paid. I don’t like to pay for the thing which I can get for free. If you want to download songs for free on Android, then install mp3 music download pro app on your Android phone and download free mp3 songs. You can make your Android phone identify the song, track it on your Android and then you can easily play it on YouTube directly from the app.


Widgetsoid2.X is a free Android app to manage widgets on Android. This Android widget app is a nice app to apply customized widgets on Android home screen. The app offers you the option to add widgets of Android systems like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, mobile APN switch, 2G, 3G and 4G, data sync, airplane mode, tether USB and much more. Most importantly, this Android widget app comes up with option to apply themes on the widgets added on Android home screen. You can even add customized themes which includes selection of an image as your Widget theme on the widgets applied with Widgetsoid2.X app. In short, Widgetsoid2.X app offers multiple Android system shortcuts to add as widgets on Android home screen.


PhoneUsage is a free Android app to find data usage on Android. Along with finding the data usage, the app also allows you to find total data or stats related phone calls and SMS. The app displays the data usage in the form of stats on Android. The good part of the app is that, it tells the total data usage of each app on Android. All the data usage of each app is basically displayed in the form of a pie chart on Android phone. You can easily interpret the apps which uses the most data on your Android phone.

AndroVid Video Trimmer:

AndroidVid Video Trimmer is a free Android app to trim or edit videos on Android. This Android video trimmer app is perfect in trimming videos on Android. The app allows you to select a part of the video and then trim it to throw away the unwanted part of the video on Android. If you have a full movie on your Android phone and you want to cut a scene or a song from the movie, then AndroVid is the apt solution to do this on Android. Apart from trimming the video on Android, you can also convert the video to mp3 on your Android phone.

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