7 Best Free VLC Plugins

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Here is the list of 7 best free VLC plugins.

Using these free VLC plugins, you can enhance the capability of your favorite media player ‘VLC‘. Each individual plugin is used for a specific purpose. For example, you can import your YouTube playlist to stream using VLC player, create timestamps of videos, automatically remove duplicate files from playlist, etc. I have tested these plugins with VLC player version 2.1.5 and all the plugins worked perfectly.

Most of these extensions don’t come as executable files, instead of that, extensions will open in a webpage. You need to manually copy all the content of plugin and save it as *.lua name (say abc.lua) using Notepad. After this, copy that file and paste it in extensions folder of VLC player. The default location is: “C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\extensions”. Have a look at these free VLC plugins.

Moments’ Tracker

moments and checkpoints tracker plugin

This VLC plugin helps to create multiple bookmarks or timestamp for a particular media file and jump to any timestamp (or position of that media file) whenever needed. It is very useful when you want to save some favorite moments from a movie/video and view those moments quickly without searching them manually. This extension works in the same manner as ‘Custom Bookmarks’ option of VLC player, but this plugin lets you save bookmarks with a custom name, which is not possible with bookmarks. Moreover, you can create timestamps for multiple media files, and not just for a single audio or video file.

You can also create a checkpoint and return to that checkpoint in a movie later. Once you have created enough moments and checkpoints for multiple videos, you need to save your media files as a playlist. After this, when you will load that playlist, you need to enable this plugin from View menu to see the list of all moments.

Playlist Cleaner

Playlist Cleaner

Playlist Cleaner is very useful when you want to automatically remove duplicate media files from your VLC playlist. Apart from this, it is also handy to find and delete those media files that are moved from their source location or deleted from your PC. So, this plugin will help to remove junk as well as duplicates from your playlist. After this, a clean playlist will be in front of you.

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Syncplay plugin is handy to play a media file on different PCs in sync. You and your friends have to install this plugin and connect with the same server. You need to set username, add exe file of VLC player, and a media file on the available fields of configuration window. After this, when all of you will join the room, your media file will play in sync.

You and your friends will be able to move backward, forward, pause and play the media file, and changes will reflect in all PCs.

Here is the full tutorial.

Song Teacher

Song Teacher- interface

Song Teacher is a portable executable jar file and very interesting plugin in this list. It lets you import your playlist and helps to learn lyrics of any song.

It provides three sections on its interface filled with green and red color: Instrumental, I know this part, and What’s this part again?. Once you have added the playlist, just play a song, and place mouse cursor over green sections (if you know the lyrics of that song). When you don’t know the lyrics, hover mouse cursor over red section and it will display song lyrics on its interface. It will automatically hide lyrics as soon as you will remove the mouse cursor from the red section. Moreover, it will also pause song automatically when your mouse cursor is not over any of these three sections.

Lyrics are also scrolled down automatically as the song progresses. And as this plugin automatically downloads lyrics of a song, f possible, so you can also use it as lyrics downloader plugin. For audio songs, it doesn’t require VLC player to open, but for video songs it will automatically launch VLC player.

TuneIn Radio Plugin

TuneIn Radio plugin

As the name of this plugin suggests, you will be able to listen to TuneIn Radio on VLC player. This plugin will automatically fetch and show the list of all radio stations. So, you can stream any radio station available in TuneIn Radio without opening the browser or using a standalone software. After installation, you will find TuneIn Radio under Internet section.

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Resume Media Plugin

Resume Media

Resume Media plugin is used to automatically play an audio or video file from its last known playing position. For example, when you have closed an audio/video file after 2 minutes, it will automatically play it from 2 minutes in the next launch. It provides a table where you will be able to import your playlist. Whenever you will open that playlist and enable this extension, it will detect the last known position of all media files. After this, it will resume the playback of any media file that you will play.

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YouTube Playlist Plugin

YouTube Playlist extension

This extension can come in handy to import as well as stream your public YouTube playlist right from VLC player. After adding this plugin, you need to open VLC player, and use Ctrl+N hotkey. It will open Network tab in Open Media window. In that tab, you can insert your playlist URL, and then list of all YouTube videos will come in VLC player. Now you can play your YouTube playlist in VLC media player.

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