Hybir Backup: Free Full PC Backup Software

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Hybir Backup is a free backup software that provides you with a full backup solution to your data and supports multiple users. A backup plan is a very important element to keep your documents and files intact and save them from loss that you cannot afford. Unlike other file backup software, Hybird backup is more geared towards backing up your entire system, so that you can quickly restore the system in case of system crash.

Hybir Backup is amazingly fast in backing up the whole PC. As per test results on Hybir backup’s website, it took just over a minute to backup a complete PC running Windows XP. And incremental backups in future completed even faster than that.

Hybir Backup achieves this by using intelligent backup algorithm. Instead of backing up everything, Hybir backup checks if its servers already have files required for a software. If it does, it does not needs to store the same files for your backup too. So, even though it will be able to recover everything for you by using files available in its archives, it actually does not needs to backup everything. And this gives Hybir backup its amazing backup speed.

Sounds to me like for the first time some backup company is using common sense :)

The freeware Hybir Backup is very easy to understand and use. Not only it backup your files and folders but saves a complete snap shot of your PC desktop to back up destinations including your programs and software. You can also read similar articles on scheduling full backups like Backup Maker and MyDrive.

You can save almost any thing and every thing wit this useful Hybir Backup application. It’s very difficult to cope up when your hard disk crashes and all your vital data is lost in the process. Hybir Backup has its own data recovery process, and data backup plan is a must for every user.

This freeware, Hybir Backup allows you to create complete backup of your PC to the specified destinations, which can be restored later on without any hassles.

What Hybir Backup application offers you with it’s free edition?

Full Backup Software for windows

The Hybir Backup application allows you to create full PC backup. You cannot only create back up of the documents, images, and music files in your PC but also save your programs and software to enjoy complete assurance of your back up plan. Hybir Backup runs mechanically every day and saves a complete snapshot of what your computer looked like at that exact moment. You can see exactly what your computer looked like yesterday or four weeks ago.

Bare Metal Recovery

The recovery process with this freeware, Hybir Backup is always easy and faster than any other tool. The application is programmed to restore only the difference between the existing files and backed up file, thus the restoration process is faster with the application. Restoring your computer to a brand new hard drive or fixing one that will not boot is as easy as booting a recovery CD.

You can restore as per your requirement, if you want to recover one file or entire directory, the Hybir Backup application is designed to suit your needs and save your time. The innovative restore will find only the files and parts of files that are different and put them back exactly how they were.

Multiple Backup Destinations

The free edition of the Hybir Backup application allows you to create backup folder of your system to various back up destinations. You can specify your back up destination. The freeware, Hybir Backup will backup your PC system locally to a network share or hard drive, or both. You can access the destinations and networks to recover the files and folders and even entire directory.

Interestingly, when back up is created, you are not disturbed at all. It automatically creates your system back up while you can continue your job and the application will run silently. If you want to backup your data online, you can use Dropbox, Mozy, or Windows Live Mesh.

The Hybir Backup application works on simple mechanism. The Hybir Backup application scans your system for the data and programs and software, creates snap shot of your contents, and saves them on the destinations and data center. It tracks everything that is happening in your system and keeps your data secure.

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