Download Backup Maker: Free Software for Scheduled Backups

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Backup Maker is a free data backup software that creates backup of files and folders to a local directory, CD/DVD, Or FTP server. Backup Maker allow you to reduce the size of the backup file by implementing partial backups by using a wide variety of filter options.  Backup Maker can compress the data into zip format.

Only problem with Backup Maker is that it cannot upload backup files to some online website, like other online backup software can do. If you want to backup data online, you can use Dropbox, Mozy, or Windows Live Mesh.

Here are some of the features of this Free Backup Maker software:

  • You can create unlimited backup jobs
  • You can restore backup data files
  • The execution interval for the backup operations can be specified in minutes or 24 hour format
  • The backup operation can be configured to execute on startup, USB detection or Windows logoff
  • You can restrict the backup operation to weekdays or month days
  • You can execute full backup where there are new or modified files
  • You can execute partial backup since last full backup or partial backup or by specifying the time frame in date or days
  • Backup Maker allows you to create combined execution for example full backup after 5 partial backups
  • Backups can be created in a local directory, CD/DVD, or FTP server
  • The BackupMaker program can start in invisible mode
  • The icon can become animated tray icon during the backup operations
  • The error messages can be ignored during the backup operations
  • You can sets the priority of BackupMaker to Low, Medium, High, or Highest
  • This data backup program allows you to activate the report style to detailed report so that the files and folders will be saved in zip format
  • You can configure the backup report visibility to show always, shows if errors, or never show after the backup operation is finished
  • You can store reports by specifying the folder for stored report files
  • You can create cancelled reports after the backup operation is cancelled
  • You can activate extended backup verification and volume letter saving in zip files
  • The compression rate of the data backup program can be set for the  zip files and temporary files
  • Configure the mail by specifying the FTP port, FTP packet size, SMTP server, username, password, and SMTP port
  • You can enabled the creation of the logfile including program actions
  • You can enabled the internet backup protocol so that backups will always be created
  • Check updates to BackUp Meter

Backup Maker is a free data backup software that can automatically create file backup based on the interval settings and Windows log on or log off events.

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Works With: Windows
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