5 Free Employee Scheduling Software

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Here are 5 free employee scheduling software to schedule your employees shift with ease. These scheduling software are very easy and simple to use. All these scheduling software are completely free.

Snap Schedule

snap schedule

Snap Schedule is a free Employee Scheduling Software to download and you can save your time and energy in preparing and organizing schedules for your employees. The software aims to minimize time you spend on creating, circulating, and maintaining work sheet of employees, shift, and job rotation schedules. The application interface facilitates multi-view means you can view Daily work performed by your employees, their planned Calendar, and Shift. Thus, this free employee scheduling software delivers the information and implementations for assignments, shift, finding substitute employees, reporting, and assess shift exposure.

You can use this freeware with ease as the interface designed is intuitive and you can easily perform features with this easy to use software. You can organized schedules for rotating, fixed,   mixed shifts, and staggered. Also keep your employees shift records at one place so as to ensure that you keep proper records of it.

However this freeware lets you track your employees work schedule and you can calculate or forecast their productivity, their absence and required staffing. The application will helps you from over staffing or scheduling conflicts and minimize your staff costs. As you are making shift planning, it automatically adds up employees’ calculates overtime, work hours, time off, on-call, and shift pays, along with providing complete costs reports in details so as to let you know whether you are in budget. The application can help you when you certify your employees’ records and attendance.

Try Snap Schedule free here.

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DRoster Employee Scheduling Software


DRoster Employee Scheduling Software is free software that helps you to put in less effort in scheduling time shifts for your employees. You can use this freeware easily no matter how big your organization is. The application is designed in a way so that you can save your time and concentrate on more important business issues. You can easily and quickly have copy-paste schedules to any future dates. Thus no need to format schedules every time. You can also import existing employees and positions data from Excel to save time setting up work schedules.

The main features of this useful freeware are:

  • The application is time-saving and you can save up to 85 percent tim by using this freeware. The application is easy to use and simple to operate, that gives you tools and techniques to schedule time shifts of your employees automatically.
  • You can set up scheduling recurrences and automatically apply your templates with one click.
  • The application understands that every schedule varies and helps you to customize unique scheduling patterns. This free software provides you with a flexible interface, functions and features that help you set up the kind of schedules and shifts you really need. You can define a position as a physical or logical place for greater scheduling flexibility.
  • You also help full shift coverage. You get a complete overview of the availability of your employees so that you can determine which positions and shifts they can be scheduled to and track time off you can see only certain positions, certain employees, certain hours, and drill down to the granularity of data you need.
  • Interestingly, with this freeware you can also use built-in validating engine that works for you to prevent scheduling conflicts, engaged employee assignments, overtime and employee overwork. This will prevent you to from over-book or double-book an employee.

Read more about DRoster Employee Scheduling Software, or try free here.

ABC Roster

abc roster

ABC Roster is a free employee scheduling that is programmed to help you in the task of assigning and scheduling time shifts for your employees. Manage and format time sheets for them easily and schedule their job work while you can focus on their roles and responsibility. The application is appropriate for small-medium organizations.

Main Features:

  • The application is simple to operate and easy to use with effective and efficient interface.
  • Manage your employees and keep watch on their availability, their days off, leave, events, their bookings, etc., so that you can easily draft time schedule for them.
  • The application offers you feature with automated planner that can generate schedules for you. This will help you to prepare quick and easy schedules for your employees without wasting your time.
  • There is an in-built email client with this free software so that you can email the schedules to employees directly from the application
  • You can also send out the schedules to MS Excel, HTML, PDF documents

Application interface is very simple yet effective. The interface is planned with precision. As you check out employee details window, you will observe that it displays general details about the employee details (name, position) and also details specific to the current week (when the employee is unavailable for work, the shift they are scheduled on. The application also helps you to view your employees time shifts details in graphs and drawings so that you can take quick decisions and actions.

Read more about ABC Roster, or try free here.



Autorota is a freeware that is designed to mechanize the creation of staff schedules. You can use the software to assign employees with multiple roles, shifts, and working hours.

Some of the Key Features of Autorota:

  • The application works well with Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
  • Easy to create time shifts schedules and maintain weekly schedule sheets
  • Automatically allocates Assignments
  • Planner for the whole year to allocate regular days like ‘Vacations’
  • Tracks regular days like ‘Off Sick’
  • Send out catalogs to HTML (web pages) for simple read-only viewing for staff

The free version of this application is fully featured, however only up to 10 personnel per department can get accessed, thus it is ideal for small business or offices. You can prepare schedules with a week at a time, and days like ‘Vacation’, ‘Training’ etc you can enter into the Year Planner for each and every staff member, these will automatically be entered into weekly roster. This free application has a built-in Year Planner for each member of personnel, so standard days such Vacation, Day Off, National Holidays can be entered in advance. When the schedule for each week is created it will check the Year Planner and automatically fill in the details for anyone who is unavailable.

Read more about Autorota, or try free here.

ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator


ClockIt Easy Schedule Creator is a free employee schedule maker that enables you to access labor and employee planning software. This free employee scheduling software is just the perfect when it comes to creating custom schedules.

The application is tool set for tools and techniques. You can review your employees’ details, plan their time shifts, organize work for them easily with this free software. Create your detailed schedules even quicker by using the in-built automatic scheduling tool.

The main window with this application is intuitive, as you can easily use the features right in the main window with tabs and text area. View your weekly schedules and global employees details with this simple to use freeware. On the left window pane you can view their weekly schedules, and on the right view the global employees available hours details, so that you can manage centrally and easily with single interface.

Differentiate role and responsibility of your employees with the global view. You can view these details in the bottom part of the main window. Where this software easily list employees with shifts allotted to your employees in each department, their rotation and their availability and productivity.

Read more about ClockIt, or try free here.

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