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Otipo is a free online employee scheduling application that helps you to easily schedule your employees schedules. If you know that everyone has a set schedule then you can program it in the computer to schedule them each week, and if it changes then you will just need to make one or two changes and it is fixed.

You do not have to print out an entire new schedule and start calling employees to tell them they work. They will be responsible for accessing it on their own, and there will be no excuses.


To use this free online employee scheduler, you simply sign onto otipo.com and set up your number of employees, how they rotate, and what your hours of operation are. You will then be able to put all your staff’s times and days off into the system, and you will be able to publish the schedule online for your employees to look at.

You can easily print important reports directly from this free online employee scheduling application. This is just one thing that you can do to make your life a little less stressful as a manager. This free online employee scheduler is very easy to use so you can learn it quickly and teach it to the managers that work for you. The free package supports up to 10 employees and you won’t get any free reminders by SMS package.

You can also try other employee scheduling software like DRoster, Picture Timeclock and ABC Roster reviewed by us.

Features of Otipo:

  • Reminders to Send Availability: Your employee can no longer say that they told you months in advance about a trip they were taking. You will be able to tell them that you never received a notice of this, and that they knew they were on the schedule. The system will send reminders for your employees to put in their days off as soon as the week starts.
  • Automatic Shift Scheduling: This feature saves a lot of time if the manager knows the schedule for each employee ahead of time. The steady shift employees can be locked into their schedules, and if they request a day off it will only require a simple fix. This says paper too, because you do not always have to reprint the schedule every time someone calls in.
  • Access to Schedule Online: Your employees will have access to their schedule from their computers at all times. You will no longer have to listen to excuses or have employees switch shifts without telling you. They will always know when they are to come in, and so will you.

Try Otipo to easily manage your employees schedules.

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