Pitch Ear Trainer: Free Absolute Pitch Training Software

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Pitch Ear Trainer is a free absolute pitch training program that you can use to help you find an absolute pitch. Some people can achieve the perfect pitch naturally and some people just need a little help. This free absolute pitch training software is ready to provide that help. This free pitch training software will allow you to use different dictation modes to train your ears and practice single tones. The different colors and animations make it fun to use. If you have wanted to train yourself on the perfect pitch then this is the free program for you.This freeware helps you to determine the pitch of a tone.

Pitch Ear Trainer

To Use Pitch Ear Trainer, you just sign onto the internet and go to the website. Pitch Ear is freeware so you can share it through email or disc as long as you do not charge anything for it. To use the program you just set the tone range that you want to work with. Now you can start the dictation which will play all the notes and when you hear the tone you are listening for you can click the piano. It will tell you if you have the correct tone or not. This will help you determine what you need to practice and how the different tones sound. To try this freeware you just sign onto the website and read about the features and awesome tone settings that you can use.

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Features of Pitch Ear Trainer:

  • Tone Range: You can select the different tone ranges that you want to learn, and determine which notes will be used for your practice. The settings are simple to use and you can change them when you are tired of practicing a certain tone.
  • Custom Tones: You can actually customize the settings and add some tones to the tone list. You can insert the tones that you want to practice with into the tone list. Being able to customize the tones that you practice with is a very convenient feature of the program.
  • Choose Different Instruments: There can be different types of instruments selected. This way you can perfect your pitch with any instrument you may use.
  • Piano Feature: You will use a piano to choose the correct keys and this gives the program kind of a fun element while you are running.
  • Different Practice Modes: There are three different practice modes. You can set the program to allow you to practice in single mode, dictation mode all tones, and dictation mode several tones. The single mode will play a single random note and you must tell it what note that was. The dictation mode with all tones will play all the tones in a certain amount of time. The dictation mode with several tones will play several tones at one time and you will need to pick.

Download Pitch Ear Trainer Free.

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Works With: Windows 7, Vista and XP
Free/Paid: Free

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