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Curo is a free easy-to-use Adobe Air application which functions as an employee management solution. Designed for medium to small companies, this free application allows management to maintain employee records and work shifts. An employer is able to list the availability of an employee and schedule duties or tasks that he or she is able to perform during that available time slot. This, of course, leads to a more efficiently run company as employee “dead” time is able to be monitored.

Update (1-Sep-2012): This software is not available now.

Management is also able to use this simple free program to build a smart scheduling system which, no doubt, many employer’s these days wish they had. The recording of each employee’s personal information and job strengths is simple and can be performed in minutes. All data is entered into the system in ‘input’ forms and via various controls. Each employee has his or her own slider, in the system, for each day of work. These sliders are able to indicate the employee’s availability.

This means there is no need to perform a large amount of data entry everyday. An employer merely enters the required information – specifying availability – and the program will control the shifts. Management are able to make changes to the settings whenever it is deemed necessary throughout a working day or shift. You can also read Picture Timeclock free software for employee scheduling.

It is important to note, however, that when free Curo is first installed, the main interface requires all information from each employee. This information includes, pay rate per month or year, date of employment, particular needs (if any) and a picture. The picture, of course is optional. Once all staff details are entered, simply opening up the availability interface of any employee and move the slider across the available space and the program will record the time.

In the event an employee is on vacation, the employer can specify the dates of vacation and the program will automatically exclude those dates from the working days. After entering this vacation information, simply click the ‘save’ button. The same can be done of the ‘schedule’ screen, where management is able to specify work or tasks for employees that are available. Once again clicking on the ‘save’ button, allows the program to keep tabs on the daily operations of the company. You can also read Glasscubes and Zoho CRM free business management tools that will help business people.

Clearly this free simple-to-use program is the perfect tool for any medium to small office. As mentioned, its ease of use means that people with little or no computer skills will be able to handle the program with the minimum of training. If you are a manager or a small business owner, give some thought to downloading and setting up this free software Curo, you’ll be thankful for the help.

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