10 Windows 10 Hidden Object Games

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Hidden Object games are pretty exciting to play, as they have interesting stories behind them. The stories are full of mystery and mysterious things. You get so involved with the story and finding the solution that you even forget how much time you have spent playing these games. The hidden object games always begin with a mysterious opening and then you are assigned a task to fulfill. To complete that task you have to find hidden objects scattered all over the room and proceed to the next room.

Most of the times the objects that you have to find are listed at the bottom of your screen. When you find all the items you have solved a piece of the mystery. This article has a collection of 10 such awesome hidden objects games for Windows 10. Let’s have a look.

Hidden Objects: Time Crimes

The game has beautiful graphics and background music. When you start the app you will come across the mysterious story behind the game. The game features a time machine, time travel, and a team of people trying to solve the mystery. You can begin your investigation and collect the hidden objects that you are asked for. The game provides hints, which can be used at times when you are stuck. From time to time in the game there would be an assistant that would appear to help you out with tips. When you complete a level in the game you will be rewarded by a piece of evidence which will help you unfold the mystery. There are lots of free levels to play.

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Zootopia Crime Files

zootopia crime files crime scene

This is a fun hidden objects game to play as well, where you have to help the ZPD officers to solve crimes. You will be required to visit crime scenes, collect clues, examine the evidence, and find the culprit. You have to help the officers in Zootopia town and make the town safe again by catching the criminals. You will be taken to a crime scene which would look like the screenshot above. Where there would be clues to find, the clues would be listed at the bottom of the window. Once you find the clues you have to send them to the lab to be analyzed. Once that is done, then you have to figure out who the criminal is. You get to visit different places in Zootopia town while investigating. Just make sure you have enough energy and star points to keep going in the game.

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Royal Trouble HD

royal trouble hd game

This fun game app has a very interesting story to start with, Princess Loreen and Prince Nathaniel find themselves locked in a dungeon with no idea about how they got there. Now they need to get together to escape the dungeon which is on a secluded island by finding hidden objects and solving puzzles. During this process of escaping you will also witness funny conversation between the prince and the princess. The achievements board will show you all the goals that you can complete in the game. You will also see instructions appear on the screen when you take your mouse cursor over places or things. Apart from finding hidden objects you will also have to solve some mini puzzles which are quite fun to play as well.

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Sherlock Holmes Adventure Free

This is a fun and addictive game to play, the music and graphics of this game are pretty awesome. I think they are part of the reason why I liked this game so much. Thus the game is a bit heavy on the size, but that can be given a pass, because of the amazing graphics and game play. In this game you play as Sherlock Holmes who has to find hidden objects in different buildings and solve mysteries. Different rooms and building can be explored using the map option of the game. There is a eye icon which will provide you with hints when you are stuck. You do have to complete a level before you can move on to another one. The game has lots of levels to play and despite the size of the game it runs pretty smoothly throughout.

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Disney Find n Seek

disney find n seek game1

This fun Disney game has awesome graphics and background sound. The narrator sounds awesome and you will enjoy the game a lot. In this game you have to search through the Disney enchanted library and search for tricker-stickers which have escaped from their book. You have to find these tricker-stickers and put them back in the book they belong. The objects that you have to find will be listed at the bottom of the window. Each book that you search in the Disney library will have some of your favorite cartoon characters. Disney games are always very elaborate and a lot of attention is paid to details, this game is no less. Everything is so much fun that you would just want to play this game for hours.

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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery


The game is a adventure mystery type game where you have to find hidden objects in a scene in the least possible time. The hidden objects are scattered all over the scene and are hidden in plain sight. You can use the hints option to find objects which you are not able to locate. The game is a bit big in size but runs smoothly and has amazing graphics. At the starting of the game you have to enter your name and choose an avatar for yourself. After that the game begins with a story. You will be shown a scene and the objects to find in that scene will be given at the bottom of the window. Once you have found all the objects, the level will be marked as complete.

You can check out the detailed article on Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery for Windows 10 here.

Cursed Kingdoms


This is a mystery adventure game where the story begins from a wedding. You play Zane, who’s bride Lily has been abducted by a evil sorcerer on the wedding day. Apart from finding hidden objects the game also has some mini games to play. In the hidden objects level, you will have the objects to find listed at the bottom of the window. There are hints to help you out find the objects in case you can’t locate them. Once you have found all the objects, you will be shown a level complete window. There is a lot of dialogue between people which let’s you know what’s happening and what you have to find next. The graphics of the game are pretty nice.

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Paranormal Agency

paranormal agency crime scene

As the name starts with paranormal, there has to ghosts in the game. Yes there are and you have to get stuff back which has been stolen by the ghosts. Spooky. The game starts with a conversation between the detective and the orphanage caretaker. Then you see a room scattered with objects like you can see in the screenshot above. Now a list of items can be seen on the right side of the screen. You have to find all the listed items from the scene presented to you. Some of the objects are very well blended and you can’t make them out easily. So there is a hints button which will light up the area where an item can be found. But you get only 4 free hints, so use them wisely.

Christmas Wonderland 6

christmas wonderland 6 game play

This game has a beautiful Christmas look and every one specially kids would love playing it. You start the game by choosing a game mode among casual and challenge. After that the game begins where you see a conversation between a family going out for Christmas shopping. They need some things before they leave. Now these things are scattered all over the room which looks pretty cluttered. Now you have to find all these items listed at the bottom of the game window. You also have a hints button at the bottom right corner of the game screen. Use it when you are not able to find an item. Once you have found all the listed items, a level up screen will be shown to you. When you press the continue button on the level up screen, a mini puzzle game will appear. You can either play this mini game or you also have the option to skip it.

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Deadly Puzzles Toymaker

Deadly Puzzles toymaker game

In this hidden object game you play a detective who is in search of a serial killer. Now your job is to look at crime scenes and collect clues from there, which will lead you a step closer to catching the killer. You start by choosing a play mode among casual and expert. First you will be taken to the detectives office, where there is a map. You can travel to any location using this map. Then you will be led to your crime scene. The list of items to be collected will be listed at the bottom of the game window. When you are able to find all the listed items, you unveil a clue left for you by the killer. The thing I did not like about the game is that it offers only a few levels for free. For playing the whole game you have to upgrade to the paid version of the app.

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These are the 10 hidden object games for Windows 10 which I enjoyed playing. They are all fun, addictive and exciting with a element of mystery in it. All games have amazing graphics and equally awesome background music. Try them out.

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