Windows 10 Hidden Object Mystery Game: Seekers Notes

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Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is a free hidden object mystery game for Windows 10 devices. This game is based on the adventure mystery type format in which you have to locate the hidden objects in a particular level to accomplish the tasks at hand and find clues. The hidden object levels are designed in a visually interactive way in which the objects are merged among the myriad of other objects all located in the scene, the catch is that you only have to click on the objects listed at the bottom of the screen in the least time possible to get a higher score and locate the missing clues. The game is a bit heavy on size, but it runs smoothly on even low end devices with no touch support; also it does not require any external graphics card to be played.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery is available for free from the Windows 10 App Store.seekers notes hidden mystery

Controls of the game

The game has basic controls. It is based on mouse clicks.

  • Touch devices – You can tap on active areas to interact with them.
  • Non Touch devices – You can simply use the left mouse button on active areas to interact with objects.
  • Esc button Pauses the game on both touch and non touch devices.

The main features of Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery for Windows 10

Running the game presents you with the following screen. seekers notes hidden mysteryHere, you can either choose to directly start the game or you may also choose to link the game with your Facebook account by choosing to Log In with Facebook. Both the buttons are laid out in a neat manner in the screenshot above and are pretty much self explanatory. The game allows you to sync your progress among your supported devices should you choose to log in with Facebook as it saves your progress there. Once you have chosen either of the two options, you will be asked to create your profile by entering your name and choosing your avatar.seekers notes create profile

Click on Save in front of the name field and at the bottom of the Avatar field upon entering your name and making your avatar selection. Now, you shall be presented with a brief intro to the storyline of the game itself.seekers notes game introAt the bottom of each dialog that appears on the screen is a button that allows you to skip the dialog/ move onward to the next dialog. Your energy bar, profile info etc. is available at the top of the screen at the left, center and right. At the bottom of the screen are your supplies. You can interact with all of these by mere mouse clicks/ taps on the screen in case of a touch device. When the intro to the game is completed, you will be presented with a map of the game where you can choose hidden object levels leading to various areas of the city. These hidden object levels need to be completed to collect vital clues. The map is shown below.seekers notes hintWhen we click on a level, it takes us to the active hidden object scene like so.seekers notes tutorial hidden object levelIn the scene, you need to look for the objects listed at the bottom of the screen. When you successfully locate these objects by clicking on them in the hidden object scene, they will go to your inventory and when all the objects have been collected, the level is marked as completed. In each hidden object level, you have access to various helpful hint like tools which make your job easier. For example, the magnifying glass button at the bottom right points to a random object in the scene which you may not be easily able to locate. Similarly the other 3 buttons help you in finding the objects. The catch here is that these buttons can only be used for a limited number of times, and they do not recharge automatically. Once a level is completed, you can see a level completion prompt.seekers notes level completedYou may click on the OK button in this prompt to go back to the map and select a newly unlocked level to play it. Throughout the game, you level up when you hit certain milestones. Leveling up gives you rewards.seekers notes level upOverall the game is incredibly fun to play and makes for a fantastic download!

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The verdict

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery makes for a great download as it offers a nice way to awaken the hidden seeker inside you! You will surely have tons of fun playing this awesome game on your device. Go ahead and grab it for your Windows 10 device as soon as possible – it’s free, so what have you got to lose?

I rate this game a solid 4.5 out of 5.

Get Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery.

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