Windows 10 Hidden Object Quest Game App: Royal Trouble HD

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Royal Trouble HD is a free Windows 10 hidden object quest game app where you have to help the prince and princess escape a secluded island. Prince Nathaniel and Princess Loreen have been locked up in a dungeon and now you have to help them find their way out. You have to collect objects, solve puzzles, and play mini games to help them escape this place.

This Windows 10 hidden object quest game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start this game app, it will open up in full screen mode. The first thing you will see is a screen which will ask you to enter the name of the player.

royal trouble hd new player

After you enter your name, you will be taken to the main screen, with lots of options on it. The options button will let you turn the background music on or off. The play game button will take you to the game screen.

royal trouble hd home

The game screen will start with a story, first you will start with Prince Nathaniel and his story and help him get out of the dungeon he is locked in. Then it will be the turn of Princess Loreen, she has been locked up in a room, and you have to help her get out of there.

royal trouble hd game

When they both get out they meet in a place like the one shown in the above screen shot. Now they have to find clues to figure out a way to get out of this place. During this process you can also witness witty conversations between these two characters.

You can also look at the achievements board and try to achieve as many on that list as possible. The achievements board screenshot can be seen below.

royal trouble hd achievements

The object finding game does help you out by prompting things on the screen. There are instructions written on the screen when you take your mouse cursor to a particular place on the screen.

Features of this Windows 10 hidden object quest game app:

  • Find hidden objects to escape from a island.
  • Solve puzzles, find clues, play mini games in this quest.
  • Entertaining witty conversations between the prince and the princess.
  • 22 different locations to explore.
  • 16 mini games to be played.
  • Lovely graphics and background music.
  • Achievements list to complete.


Royal Trouble HD is a fun game app where you are helping out a prince and princess to escape an island. All you need to do is find clues, solve puzzles and play mini games. All these are a lot of fun and accompanied with some witty conversation.

Check out Royal Trouble HD for Windows 10 here.

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