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This tutorial is all about how to embed Instagram stories on website. There is a free service which can help you easily do that. You can show all your website visitors your Instagram stories and ultimately extend the reach of stories.

instagram stories downloader websites
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Here are 4 free online Instagram Stories downloader websites. Instagram web app is handy to view Instagram stories, check feed, view profile, and more, but it doesn’t let users download stories. These websites help you do that. You can download each photo and video available in Instagram Stories to PC.

upload photos to instagram from pc
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Here are 3 methods to upload to Instagram from PC. I have used developer tools feature of Chrome browser, a free Chrome extension, and a free software for this purpose. All these methods are pretty simple and effective to upload photos to your Instagram account directly from PC.

get instagram notifications for post like and comment on pc
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This tutorial covers how to get Instagram notifications on PC for any post liked and commented by some Instagram user. You will see Instagram username in the desktop notification whenever some photo/video is liked or commented. It can be done using a free Chrome extension, known as “WebClient for Instagram”.

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