How to Rearrange Instagram Grid to Reorder Photos on Profile

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In the new beta build of Instagram, you can now rearrange photos on your profile. There is going to be a new feature that will allow you to reorder your photos on your IG profile. And in this tutorial here, I will show you how to rearrange the Instagram grid to reorder photos on your Instagram page. The new option to edit grid will be added to your profile information settings screen.

For now, this feature is in testing phase and hence only available to a very limited number of beta testers. You will have to wait for a couple of months in order to get it in the beta or the stable release. After Meta enabled links in Instagram stories for everyone, this is going to be the next most demanded feature.

You will now be able to select the best photos from your entire IG page and show them in the beginning. And this is as easy as drag-dropping images on the grids. If you want to showcase old photos to your audience, then this feature will allow you to do it.

How to Rearrange Instagram Grid to Reorder Photos on Profile?

As I already mentioned that this is in testing phase only. So, not every beta user will get it. But when you do get this, then you will be able to access it from your profile.

Just go to your Instagram profile and then open the profile editor from there.

Instagram Edit Profile Option

Now, if you have this feature, then you will see “Edit Grid” option on this page. Just tap on this option to open the grid editor. This is as simple as that.

Edit grid option

From the grid editor, you can now simply drag-drop photos from any position. You can place them in any manner you want and then save the changes. If you want, then you can come back here again and edit the grid.

Drag drop grid

This is how you will be able to edit and rearrange the Instagram grid on your profile. There are some third party apps which claim to do this, but I haven’t really tried them. But since this feature will a built-in one, so I have more hopes for this.

Final thoughts:

It would be amazing to be able to edit the Instagram grid and rearrange photos on your profile. It would help creators and business accounts to show you the best photos from their entire Instagram page. So, if you are excited about this feature then stay tuned and I hope Meta releases this feature soon in the stable Instagram builds.

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