5 Free Instagram Fake Followers Checker Websites

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Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform today. Hence, everybody is in the race of getting more followers. Still, one concern remains the same for everyone. Fake followers.

But how to know that someone has fake followers on Instagram. Because You can’t scroll through your follower list and check every single account for its authenticity. However, you can use some Instagram fake follower checkers.

These tools will show you all the statistics regarding an IG profile. You can make a lot of conclusions based on these stats. They display the total number of followers. Engagement rate, audience credibility, etc. So you can use it for your account or check the quality of an influencer’s followers.

5 Free Instagram Fake Followers Checker Websites


SocialBlade.com generates user statics for you. When you reach the website, you will see a search box in the middle of the screen. The IG username goes into this box. And when you hit enter, the website will show you the presence of the profile on different social media platforms, if there is any. There, click on the Instagram handle, and the website will show you the stats. The following screenshot shows the same:


The stats that the website generates are:

  • Followers and Following Ranks: The rank of the profile according to the number of followers and following.
  • Engagement Rank: This stat shows the rank of the profile according to its engagement.
  • Total Grade: Social blade also rewards the profile with a grade mark, according to its analytics and parameters.


Grin.co is another tool for the same work. Scroll down the home screen to find the tool. There you will see a search box to type in the username. Write the username and hit the search button. Then the website will generate the results and display them. You can see it in the screenshot below:


The generated results are:

  • Followers: Grin will show you the follower count of the entered Instagram account.
  • Engagement Rate: The calculated engagement rate will be displayed.
  • Audience Credibility: Audience credibility will also be shown along with the above-given results.

Using these parameters, you can conclude the rough idea about the fake followers of the IG account.

Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencermarketinghub.com is yet another option to analyze an Instagram account. You can visit the website by clicking on the given link. Scroll down the website, and you will see the search box to enter the Instagram username.

The username you enter should have at least 1000 followers. Type the username, enter the captcha, and hit the scan button. Then the website will generate results like this:


The generated results include:

  • Followers: Number of followers.
  • Engagement Rate: Engagement rate of the user.
  • Likes-Comment Ratio: Likes-Comment ratio on the user’s posts.

Ninja Outreach

Ninjaoutreach.com is a good option too. On the home screen, you will see a search box. Enter the username of the influencer or any other person or group in this box, and click on the search button. And the website will show you results:

ninja outreach

This website shows detailed stats unlike other sites on this list. The results are as follows:

  • Average likes per post.
  • Average replies per post.
  • Average views per video.
  • Followers/Following.
  • Images Engagement, Videos Engagement.
  • Posts per day, Posts per week.
  • Estimated Post value.
  • Average Engagement rate.

It also shows the data graphically.


This is the last website on the list. Hence, it might as well be the showstopper. And Modash.io indeed is. It shows you the average likes, engagement rates, etc. just like other websites. But it also shows you the percentage of fake followers on the user’s profile.


The results include:

  • Followers
  • Average likes.
  • Engagement rates.
  • Fake Followers: The website will show you the percentage of fake followers.

This website shows the data graphically as well.


These tools can be really useful for people searching for influencers. There might be influencers who have more fake followers, so their follower quality is less. Hence, investing your money there is risky. So all the marketing professionals can use these websites. Also, normal users can use these websites to find out their fake following. Almost all the useful features of these tools are free. But you have to buy a premium in order to use the advanced features.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 36 Average: 4]

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