4 Free AI Based Caption Generator Online for Social Media Posts

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In this post, I will talk about 4 free AI based online caption generators for your social media posts. The websites I have added in this list take a topic from you and generate some cool caption that you can use in your posts. These websites support generating captions in a funny, formal, and informational manner. These can even generate multiple variations of captions that you can combine later if you want to.

In social media marketing, you usually need catchy phrases as caption to attract more people. Especially, on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, you need to add captions and coming up with them on your own can take a lot of time. That’s where you can use the websites I have listed below. Just given them a topic and tone type to for the captions. In a few clicks, these will generate multiple caption ideas which you can use anywhere.

Free AI Based Caption Generator Online for Social Media Posts - Copy

4 Free AI Based Caption Generator Online for Social Media Posts


Rytr Social Media Captions

Rytr is one of the best free AI based caption generator you can use. This is actually a very powerful tool which you can use to generate social media captions. It just takes the central topic of your post from you and then generate the captions that you can copy and use. In the input parameters, you can even specify the tone for the final captions and it will generate the output accordingly.

All you have to do it create a free account on the main Rytr website. After that, find the social media post caption generator and then start using it. Give it the topic of your post and then specify the tone type. It supports tones like formal, informative, funny, and you can select others from the dropdown. Finally, hit the “Ryte for me” button and it will show you a list of captions which you can copy and use.


Simplified Social Media Captions

Simplified is another great Instagram caption generator, and you can use it for other social media platforms as well. Apart from just social media caption, you can use this tool for generating Instagram hashtags and even quotes for your posts. The caption generator tool of Simplified is simple and straightforward.

Just like Rytr above, it takes a topic what your post is about. And other than that, you can specify if you want to generate social captions in other languages. The default language is English but you can generate captions in other languages as well such as French, Hindi, Spanish, Turkish, etc.

Create a free account on the main Simplified website and then you can start using it. In the “AI Assistant”, find the “Photo captions” tool and open it. Give it the topic of your post and then hit the Generate button to let it do its magic. After it is done, it will show you the list of captions which are ready to use in your posts.


Copy.ai Social Media Captions

Copy.ai provides a free Instagram caption generator which you can use. You just give it the topic of your post, and then it will generate a list of captions for you to choose from. Unlike other tools of Copy.ai, this one is a free one and hence there is no sign up or registration required in order to use it.

Go to the main website of the tool using the link above, and then fill out the necessary fields. You just have to specify what your post is about and the tone for the final captions. After that, it will show you the list of most relevant captions that you can copy and use. This is as simple as that.

This tool is good and simple but if you want more than this then you can sign up for a Copy.ai account because it has some more AI based social media tools for you there such as hashtags generator, YouTube title generator, and more.



StoryLab.ai is another online AI tool that has a collection of nice text generators and one of them is social media caption generator. Here its caption generator works differently. Instead of taking topic, it asks you to define your post in a line and then generate the relevant captions. If you want, then you can use this tool to generate longer captions as well.

In the free plan, StoryLab.ai gives you 25 credits each month, which are enough for personal use. But if you need more number of runs, then you can always subscribe to the paid plan. The AI tool has some other tools as well besides the social media caption generator such as blog outline generator, ad description generator, etc.

You need to create a free account in order to use it. Subscribe to the free plan and then use the “Social Captions” tool of StoryLab.ai. Describe your post or photo briefly, and then it will generate the relevant captions around that. Just copy those and use them in your posts. You can also combine those captions to come up with a creative photo caption that will attract your audience.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for some online social media captions generator tools, then you are at the right place. All the websites I have mentioned here do a great a job at that. Use any website from this list, and all you have to do is specify the topic of your post to get started. The post captions that these websites generate need minimum editing, and some of these also generate them with hashtags. Personally, I will recommend you to us Rytr and Simplified but you are free to try others as well.

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