4 Free Blog Outline Generator Websites based on AI

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In this post, I will write about some best free blog outline generator websites you can use. Using these websites, you can easily generate an article outline, which will help you finish an article quickly. All these websites will generate a basic structure of the article by taking heading or topic from you. The basic structure includes the headings and question that you should answer or discuss in your blog.

On some websites, you have to create a free account in order to use them, while on some of them you can just proceed with the outline generation. Do note that, these websites will not generate an article for you. They will only help you complete your content with the help of bullet lists or headings. You can also use the outline that these websites generate as a table of contents. Just later complete those points by writing appropriate text.

4 Free Blog Outline Generator Websites based on AI


Rytr Blog Outline Generator

Rytr is one of the best free website you can use to generate blog outline for free. It takes a primary keywords or keywords from you and then generate a blog outline that you can complete further. If you want, then you can make it generate multiple variations of the outline. And the best part is that along with the outline, it even generates blog title as well.

Rytr has a collection of amazing text generation tools that you can use in blog writing. It has a blog title generator that you can use along with blog idea generator. And when you actually have a topic to write on, then you can generate an article outline by specifying your topic. And it does a great job at that.

You only need to create a free account in order to use the blog outline maker tool of Rytr. From the main web app, you can use the tool and select “Blog Idea & Outline” option from the list. Next, you specify the primary keywords and number of variant and hit the “Ryte more” button. It will generate the blog outline in the sidebar on the right, as you can see in the screenshot above


Open Source Task Automation Tool for Developers: DopplerTask

Simplified is another online website you can try to generate blog outline for free. Here it takes a topic of the blog post from you to generates an outline of the article that you can copy and use anywhere. Here it basically generates a bullet list of headings or subheadings that you have to cover in the article that you are about to write.

One good thing about this blog outline generator is that it can generate the blog outline in multiple languages. It can generate multiple variations of blog outline and you can copy that instantly. You can re-run this tool to generate another set of blog outlines for your article very easily.

Create a free account on the main Simplified website and then start using it. Find the Blog outline tool on the website and then simply specify the input parameters to get started. Enter the language and topic and then hit the submit button, It will generate the blog outline that you can copy and use that anywhere you want.

Free Outline Generator by SurferSEO

Free Website to Generate Article Outline using AI

SurferSEO provides you a free blog outline generator that you will like. Here this is like other tools in the list, but here it can even write the first paragraph for you. For now, there is no sign up or registration required in order to use it, You just give it a topic and then it will generate the entire blog outline for you that you can use to write your blog.

Here this tool is region specific as well. Apart from generating blog outline using AI, you can specify country to generate the content accordingly. Some topics might be region specific, so the option to choose country can be beneficial in that place.

Go to the main website using the link above and start using it right away. Just enter the topic you want to write about and then select a country from the list. Hit the submit button and then wait for it to generate the article outline for you. This is as simple as that. When you are done, then you can use this tool again to generate blog outline for other article.

Blog Outline Generator by INK

Blog Outline Generator by INK 

This Blog Outline generator by INK is quite advanced and amazing tool that you can use. Here it lets gives you 5 credits every day to generate content using AI. Just like the tools above, you only have to give it the topic of your article, a brief description and it will take care of the rest.

Here this tool generates multiple variation of blog outlines. You can select the one that appeals more to you. It analyzes your topic thoroughly and intelligently generates the blog headings for you. And not just blog outlines but you can use it to write product descriptions and ad copies too.

Create a free account on the main website to get started. Find the blog outline generator there and then use it. Enter the topic along with the brief and then submit that. This is as simple as that, It will generate the blog outlines for you that you are free to use anywhere you want.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for some free websites to generate blueprint of a blog post, then you are at the right place. All the websites I have mentioned here can help you generate a blog outline in a few clicks. All the tools I have mentioned here use AI to generate content, and you will like the output that these websites generate. So, give any of these websites a try and let me know what you think about them.

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