Convert Long Blog Posts into Small Remarks using NLP

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This article covers a free web-based app to convert long blog posts into small remarks using NLP. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing which deals with interactions between computers and natural languages. This technique allows computers to process as well as analyze a large amount of natural language data.

Remark is a free web-app that uses the NLP approach to summarize long blog posts. There are lots of tools to summarize long texts. Those tools can do the job but the output is not always good. The use of NLP gives Remark an edge over other tools that are not using any advanced ML-based method. Since it’s based on machine learning, it gets better and better over time.

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Convert Long Blog Posts into Small Remarks using NLP

Converting long blog posts into small remarks is simple and straightforward with this app. All you have to do is visit the website where you can summarize the long blog post. Since this website doesn’t support links, you have to manually copy-paste the blog post there. You get a text box on the right side of the landing page where you can paste the long blog post. After adding the blog post content, click the “Summarize” button to let this app do the magic. It takes a few seconds to process and analyze the post and then generates a short summary of it.

summarize long blog posts using NLP

The short remark this app generates summarizes the long blog posts with minimal text. The sentence structure of the summary looks legit with no random works or references. Everything feels connected and wholesome. At the end of the remark, you get an option to rate the summary. Based on your experience with the tool, you can rate the summary from Excellent, Good, and Bad. The rating further helps in the improvement of this tool in the future.

If you are into technical details, here stack this app is using:

  • Language: Python
  • Frameworks: Keras, Pytorch, Spark & TensorFlow
  • DevOps: Docker, Terraform & Jenkins
  • IaaS: Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud

Wrap Up is a handy app to quickly convert long blog posts into small remarks. It helps you easily summarize big blog posts into a few lines with almost all the important details. Like all the other summarizing tools, this app is not perfect, it can give not that good outputs sometimes but it’s not gibberish. Give it a try yourself and do share your thoughts on this with us in the comments.

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