Free Search Engine for Instagram Captions: CaptionPlus

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CaptionPlus is a free search engine for Instagram captions. Search for a caption that is most appropriate for your Instagram posts.

Instagram is not just popular, it is vital for your social media presence today. And there is an unrecognized competition to post quality content more frequently. Hence, everybody is hustling to create content. But an Instagram post is nothing without a good caption. So this article will brief you about a website that gives you a never-ending supply of attractive captions. CaptionPlus has a rich library of Instagram captions. You can explore the categories, or you can search using a keyword. There, you can also copy the captions with a single click and use them anywhere.

How to use CaptionPlus to get free Instagram Captions

CaptionPlus is extremely easy to use. So let’s go through the process in a few simple steps.

Step-1: Go to the website

Visit the website of CaptionPlus to begin. When you click on the given link, you will land on this page:

cationplus home

You can see different categories of Instagram captions on this screen. You can scroll down on the page to see all the categories. And there is a search box at the top of the screen. You can search for the type of caption you want, or you can explore a category.

Step-2: Search with keywords or Explore categories

Now the second step is to find a good Instagram caption from this huge pile. So you have two options, search for some captions using keywords, or select a category and find the caption there.

Search using keywords: There is a search box at the top of the screen. Type the keyword inside the box. And then hit the search button. And the website will generate results accordingly. For example, you can search enter the keyword “motivation” and the website will generate captions regarding the entered keyword.

Explore the categories: There are many categories like nature, fitness, quotes, etc. You can select any category, read the captions written there and choose the one you like the most. You can simply scroll down to see all the categories and pick a caption from there. There are around 45+ categories available.

Read the captions in the results and pick the one that you would like to use. The result page looks like this:

CAPTIONPLUS category explore

Step-3: Copy the caption and use it

After you have selected a caption, you can copy it using the copy button given under it. And your caption will be copied. Now you can use this caption on your Instagram posts. Or you can use these captions on other social media platforms as well.


CaptionPlus can be a really helpful website for Instagram influencers. While, other pages and people who post consistently and frequently can make good use of this website. There are many captions available here. And the categories are relevant and easily understood. But there is a downside to this website. They have put captions of different languages together. And this thing can create a lot of confusion and makes the right caption hard to find.

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