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free xps to jpg converter software
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Here are 2 free XPS to JPG converter software for Windows. You can add multipage XPS file or single page XPS file and then get the output as JPG images. While one software can convert a single XPS to JPG at once, the other software can batch convert XPS to JPG images.

generate heading structure of a webpage in firefox
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This tutorial shows how to generate heading structure of any webpage in Firefox. The list of all the headings, like H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, etc., is generated and visible on the left sidebar. For each heading, you can also see the text associated with it. For this, I have used a free Firefox add-on, known as “HeadingsMap”.

automatic key press software
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Here are 4 free automatic key press software for Windows. You can select some alphabet, numeric key, special key, etc., set the time interval, and that particular key will be pressed automatically and again and again based on the specified time interval.

see britannica article on google search result page
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Learn how to show Britannica results in Google search result page in Chrome. Whenever you will perform some search using Google search engine in Chrome browser and there exists some Encyclopedia Britannica article related to that particular search, then Britannica result is displayed on the top right side.

set custom zoom level in chrome
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Here are 3 free Chrome extensions to set custom zoom level in Chrome. The native zoom in/out feature of Chrome is good but there are preset zoom levels (25, 33, 50, 67, 75, 80, 90, and 100) only. Therefore, these Chrome extensions are handy. These extensions help you set any zoom level, say 17, 66, 23, for a webpage.

Free Spotify Recorder That Records Songs Without Ads
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This article covers a free Spotify recorder that records songs without ads. This software can record a Spotify playlist and save each song separately with proper naming. It records almost the same audio quality as Spotify itself and follows a great library management scheme.

use notepad as calculator
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This tutorial explains how to use Notepad as calculator. You can use a free software, named as “Notepad Calculator” for this. After that, you can perform basic Math operations using Windows native Notepad.

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