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tracking protection enable in firefox using group policy
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Here is how to enable tracking protection in Firefox using Group Policy. By default, tracking protection remains enabled only in private mode of Firefox. If you want to block tracking by websites while browsing in normal mode as well as private mode in Firefox, then Group Policy feature is handy.

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This tutorial will show you how to know your daily caffeine limit. There is a free website which comes with a caffeine safe limit calculator which you can use to easily find out what is your caffeine limit for a day based on your weight.

use notepad as calculator
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This tutorial explains how to use Notepad as calculator. You can use a free software, named as “Notepad Calculator” for this. After that, you can perform basic Math operations using Windows native Notepad.

disable firefox profiles using group policy
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This tutorial covers how to disable access to Firefox profiles via Group Policy. A Firefox profile contains separate bookmarks, history, add-ons, and settings. By disabling Firefox profiles page, you can prevent anyone from renaming any profile, changing its root folder, local folder, and deleting a particular profile.

disable access to configuration page of firefox using group policy
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This tutorial explains how to disable access to Firefox configuration page with Group Policy. Configuration page of Firefox contains a lot of settings like disable location access by websites, change default minimum and maximum zoom levels, etc. If you want to protect all the settings, then disable configuration page.

disable firefox accounts using group policy
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This tutorial shows how to disable Firefox accounts using Group Policy of Windows. By default, anyone can open Firefox menu or preferences page in any Firefox browser and then sign in to his/her Firefox account or create a new account. But, you can simply disable this feature using Group Policy window.

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FacePause is free Google Chrome Extension that can help you to pause an ongoing YouTube video when you look away from the screen. This extension uses the webcam of your PC/laptop to detect facial movements and pause a video when the user is not present or looks away from the screen.

disable uninstallation of firefox extensions
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This tutorial covers how to disable uninstallation of Firefox extensions using Group Policy. You need to open Firefox folder in GPO (or Group Policy window). There is a settings that helps to disable Add-ons Manager page. As a result, no one can access the list of installed extensions and disable or uninstall them.

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