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In this tutorial, you will see a simple method to convert Telegram channel into a live blog. There is a free website which allows you to select any of your Telegram channels and then make a live blog ob which you can see all your channel’s content.

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This tutorial covers how to delete tweets of specific dates. For this, you need to use a software “Yuri Tweet Deleter”. It uses your Twitter archive CSV file where all the tweets are available. Once Twitter archive is added, you can set the date range of your choice and delete the tweets.

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This tutorial is all about how to create events and sell tickets in Slack. there is a free Slack app which can help you easily create events and share with your team members, channels, etc. You can also add and sell tickets directly.

copy webpage as markdown
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This tutorial explains how to copy webpage content as Markdown. Whether you have selected some text with bold, italic, or underline formatting, image, hyperlink, etc., you can copy it to clipboard in Markdown formatting. For this, you need to use a free Chrome extension “Copy As Markdown”.

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