How to Run Python in Google Sheets

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This post explains how to run Python in Google SheetsNeptyne is a free extension that brings Python into Google Sheets. By installing this extension, I can get a dedicated Python code editor where I can write my own functions and use any third-party libraries. This extension extends the functionality of spreadsheet making it easy to import data from various sources using Python.

It is not just code, I can install Python Packages that are crucial for my project and easily use those in the sheets. With elevated permissions, the extension is capable of processing the sheet data, generating reports, and visualizing it with charts and graphs. So, let’s dive in and see how to install and use this extension to run Python code in Google Sheets.


  • Run custom Python functions in Google Sheets.
  • Install Python Packages and manage Secrets.
  • Import data and process data using Python in Sheets.
  • Use any third-party libraries to further extend the possibilities.

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Run Python in Google Sheets

To be able to run Python in Google Sheets, I have to install the Neptyne extension for Google Sheets first. I can do that by following this link and installing the extension from there. While installation, it asks to sign up with a Google account. I’m choosing the Google account linked with spreadsheets where I want to use Python.

After the installation, I can access it from the Extension section on the ribbon menu of Google Sheets. It shows by the name Neptyne: Python for Sheets. Hovering the cursor over this shows all the possible actions this extension allows:

  • Show Code Editor: Loads a side panel to write and run the Python code.
  • Install Python Packages: This loads a prompt on the screen asking to define the project dependencies. Once done, it pip installs the mentioned dependencies.
  • Manage Secrets: Save and manage Python secrets in code.
  • Manage Advanced Features: Authenticate extension for the following functionalities: Allow Python to write and read cells not passed into a function, Make Python graphs appear in Google Sheets, and Create buttons that let users manually trigger Python functions on click.
  • Tutorial: Guides covering various aspects and use-case of this extension.

Code Editor is where the magic happens. It opens as a side panel on the right side of the Google Sheets. It has a text section where I can directly add my Python code and execute it. For a successful execution, it shows a green tick mark at the top. In case of any error, it shows a red exclamation mark and mentions the line(s) with error(s).

After executing my Python code, I can directly call any of the functions from the code anywhere in the sheets. All I have to do is type =Py(“function”). This way, I can import data into sheets. ts. I can also install desired Python Packages and use those in the sheets.

By enabling the advanced features, I can unlock the full potential of this extension. This allows me to process data and visualize data by graphs and charts. I can also create a direct button in the sheet to call a function instead of manually calling it. All this makes it easy to implement Python code in sheets that anyone can use.

Get Neptyne from here.

Closing Comment

Integrating Python with Google Sheets opens up whole new possibilities. It offers data manipulation, analysis, and visualization right within the spreadsheet. With the ability to run custom Python functions, install packages, manage secrets, and data processing, Neptyne allows users to do more with their data effortlessly. Whether it’s importing data, generating reports, or creating interactive sheets, this extension offers a seamless way to enhance the Google Sheets experience.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 48 Average: 1.7]
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