Feedly Checker: Get Feedly Notifications in Google Chrome

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Feedly Checker is a free Google Chrome extension which integrates RSS feed updates from Feedly into Google Chrome. After you install this free Feedly Google Chrome extension and after you open up your Feedly profile in a tab, it will report back on every new RSS feed update that you receive either as a pop-up notification in the bottom right corner of the screen or as a drop-down list from the top right corner toolbar.

The top right corner toolbar, where extensions are usually added, is the place where this free Feedly Google Chrome extension can be accessed after installation. On the image down below you can see it in action. The drop down window that appears is gonna list all the latest RSS feed updates for the RSS feeds that you’re keeping track of using Feedly.

Feedly Checker working addon

Feedly Checker does not require your login information, but you are gonna have to be logged into Feedly inside a tab so it can pick up updates from your account. Right click on the top right corner extensions icon allows you to access settings where you can tweak how it will behave.

Key features of Feedly Checker are:

  • Free and simple to setup: no login, registration, simple addon install
  • Works with Chrome by accessing Feedly through tab where it’s open
  • Notifications: highly configurable new updates pop-up notifications
  • Also has a drop-down notification from toobar icon about latest updates
  • Works on Google Chrome, on all the major operating systems

Similar software: GGReader Design, Feedly.

Even though this free Feedly Google Chrome extension works on Linux, Windows and Mac, on Windows you don’t get full functionality. For example, notifications can’t be turned off on their own on Windows, you have to click on the X sign, which is kinda annoying if you receive a lot of updates, if you keep track of a lot of RSS feeds.

How to keep track of Feedly RSS feed updates with Feedly Checker:

Follow the download links down below and install the addon. It should work right away. Right click on the extension icon from the top right corner and select Options.

Feedly Checker default window

This will bring you to the extension settings where you can tweak how the notifications are gonna behave, how many RSS updates are gonna be showed inside notifications and so on. Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, there’s quite a number of options to tweak.

Feedly Checker settings

You’ve seen how the drop down notification window looks like, these are the pop-up notifications that you’re seeing on the image above. Keep in mind that for all this to work you need to open up Feedly and be logged into it.


Feedly Checker is a great way how you can make sure that you don’t miss on all the latest updates that you get via Feedly RSS feed isnide Google Chrome. Without Feedly Checker you would have to check Feedly periodically, but with this free Feedly Google Chrome extension you get a pop-up notification for every new Feedly RSS feed update. Get it for free.

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Works With: Google Chrome
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