Change Feedly To Google Reader Design With GGReader Chrome Extension

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GGReader is a free extension for Google Chrome which you can use to turn Feedly to Google Reader. Change made by GGReader is only to the design of Feedly, no underline change to its functionality is made. For those who don’t know what Feedly is, it’s a free Google Reader alternative where you can keep track of RSS feed updates. If you use it, but are missing the old Google Reader theme, then with GGReader you can have the best of both worlds.

Screenshot down below shows us how Feedly is gonna look like after you install this free Feedly to Google Reader converter extension to your Chrome. Notice the very familiar Google logo style, which now spells Feedly. Rest of the interface follows the same design that Google and Google Reader had.

GGReader default window

Little bit down below you can see a screenshot of how Feedly looks like without GGReader. Layout is basically the same, the only thing that’s different are the colors and the logo in the top left corner. Feedly in and of itself is highly configurable, you can change how the news feeds are displayed for example.

Key features of GGRader:

  • Free and simple to setup: you just need to install the extension
  • Changes Feedly design so that it looks like Google Reader
  • Easily turn off/on design by simple activating/deactivating the plugin
  • Works with Google Chrome: so far only Google Chrome is supported

Note that there’s 2 additional plugins that you would need to have installed in order to use GGReader. Feedly’s own Google Chrome extension, which you can get from here, and optionally, if you want the favicon stat counter, you’ll need to add this extension. Last one is not vital, it’s just for those who would like the full eye candy of Google Reader.

How to change Feedly design to Google Reader design with GGReader:

GGReader before

Example of how Feedly looks like before installing GGReader can be seen on the image above. Like we said the layout is pretty much the same, the only exception being different colors and logo in top left corner.

GGReader activate

If Feedly design doesn’t change right away after installing GGReader, you’re gonna have to open up Chrome settings, select extensions and check to see if it’s activated. That’s also how you can turn off the Google Reader design, if for some reason you are not interested in having it.


GGReader is very easy to setup and it’s perfect for all those who were shook up by the recent closing of Google Reader. If you exiled to Feedly, but you miss the design and interface appearance that Google Reader had, then with this free Feedly to Google Reader design converter you can get even that back. Since Feedly is very similar to Google Reader, with the change in design and appearance you might not even notice the difference, in other words you might not even notice that you’re using Feedly. For now only Google Chrome users can enjoy in GGReader. Free download.

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