Vintage VST Plugin to Expand your Audio Editor with Vintage Effects

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Update 2022: This tool no longer exists. Try some other alternative now.

Subsonic is a free vintage VST plugin for audio processing applications which you can use to add vintage effect to audio tracks that you are mixing. 10 presets are available for you to use, and if that’s not enough, there’s a lot of options and settings that you can tweak in order to adjust desired effect to meet your needs as close as possible.

What you see on the screenshot below is the left part of the audio mixing panel of SubSonic. Here three different oscillators can be seen with which you can change the pitch of songs and audio clips that you are processing with your audio processing software.

SubSonic default window

Keep in mind that this free vintage VST plugin isn’t a standalone application, its just a plugin, you’re still going to need to have a third party audio processing application that supports VST plugins installed to your system. We talked about some before, Quick Audio, Ocean Audio, Wavosaur.

Key features of SubSonic free vintage VST plugin are:

  • Filter selection – low pass, high pass, band pass/reject, peaking
  • Reverb – add a reverberation effect to processed audio tracks
  • Delay module – allows you to add echo and standard delay effects
  • Stereo chorus effect – setup a chorus-like audio effect
  • Easy to install and use – requires an audio editor that supports VST

There are other effects that are available, like flanger, warper, amp and so on. On top of all this you also get the 10 effect presets that we already mentioned in the introduction.

SubSonic effects right

This image shows you the right section of the SubSonic panel where all the other effects that are available, next to the oscillators on the left, can be found.

Presets are basically just different settings for those knobs and dials which you can see on the pictures above. In case that something isn’t quite right with the preset that you’ve selected, if it needs to be tweaked just a little bit, you’re free to do it by turning the dials of the effect that you think needs tweaking.

How to add effects to audio tracks with SubSonic free vintage VST plugin

SubSonic is a DLL file which you just need to copy to the plugin directory of the audio editor that you’re using. There’s links to some which we talked about a while back, in case you missed them. Plugin directory should be somewhere in Local Disk C >> Program Files.

SubSonic preset manager

When you’ve copied the DLL to the plugin directory, restart your audio editor and you should be able to access it from Menu >> Plugins or something like that, it depends on which editor you’re using. Last thing that we’re going to leave you with is the Preset selection menu, available from the top right corner of the mixing panel. There you can quickly change to one of 10 available effect presets.


VST Plugins like SubSonic make it easy for you to expand the basic functionality of audio editors that you’re using. List of features is also quite impressive, if you’re looking to mix up some vintage audio effects, then this is what you need.

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