Free Audio Editing Software To Edit, Process, And Record Sound

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Wavosaur is a free audio editing software which helps you to edit, process, and record the sound. Even though this piece of software is free, you will be surprised how complex Wavosaur is. The options it gives you will make you feel like a professional sound engineer but the ease of use of Wavosaur will still be at a home user level.

Wavosaur free audio editing software default window

Picture above shows us the main window of the Wavosaur free audio editing software. At the top you have your standard menu in which all of the options of the Wavosaur free software are contained. Under that standard menu are icons which are shortcuts to the just mentioned options. These icons are customizable, you can arrange them in the way you want and hide the ones you don’t need or show the ones that are hidden by default. Big grey area, which occupies most of the screen, is a space for the audio editing. When you open an audio file, this is where it will be shown.

Key Features of Wavosaur Free Audio Editing Software are:

  • Process: Here you can reverse your audio file, convert it to mono or stereo, insert channels, shift pitch, add some effects like fade in, fade out and increase or decrease volume.
  • Effects: In this menu you can add some filters to your audio file, truncate it or find occurrences.
  • Tools: This menu contains various tools for audio editing and analyzing, you can create loops, add markers, record audio, access statistics for your audio file, start the sonogram analysis or 3D spectrum analysis, or you can remove silence from your audio file.
  • Automation: Here you can automatize your processes by creating a volume and just apply it to your audio files.
  • Options: Last but not least, here you can choose do you want loop play or not or you can even access main configurations for the audio or editor.

Of course, not all of the options are described here because the number of them is too big to mention them all here.

How to Edit Audio Tracks with Wavosaur?

You can start by opening an audio file, simply click on File, then on Open. Supported formats are WAV, MP3, WMA, and more. After you choose the file you want to edit, a bar will appear which will show you the import progress. In the picture below you will see how Wavosaur free audio software interface looks when an audio file is opened.

Wavosaur opened file

Now let’s start editing the audio file. First thing we can do is add a fade in effect. This we can add by selecting a portion of the file with left mouse click and then clicking on Process menu and then on the Fade in option. After few seconds, effect will be added to our audio file. Now we can start the Sonogram by clicking on Tools and then on Sonogram (sonogram window shown on the picture below). For every analysis you can tweak few options in Settings menu.

Wavosaur sonogram open


As we can see, Wavosaur free audio editing software has many great and powerful options. Also, Wavosaur is very fast and it executes all of the asked task almost instantly. Download this audio editing software absolutely free.

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