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Jokosher is a free audio editor that allows its users to create and record music and podcasts as well as editing existing audio. It is similar to other tools like Audacity in that it provides a graphical interface that allows you to be sure of what parts of the audio track you are working with and makes it easy to carry out a series of operations based around editing and improving the audio.

Features of Jokosher:

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Simple editing functions.
  • Multi-track volume mixing.
  • Import audio.
  • Add instrumental effects.
  • Export to various common audio file formats.

The main recording and editing interface in Jokosher.

Free Music Editor… With Style

Perhaps the one area in which Jokosher is a stronger free audio editor is the attractiveness of its interface. Everything about the interface is designed to make it simple to use whilst also being easy on the eye to those who will be working with the software for a long time.

The terms used on the interface are very familiar to those who have experience in music and recording, meaning that anyone who has used other audio editors or are familiar with audio work in general. Everything is geared towards the market that is already familiar with this kind of software.

If you just want to do some casual mixing of tracks, you can use Myna – Free Online Audio Editor.

A Touch Of Instrumental Power

One of the most interesting and unique features of this free audio editor is the fact that you can add the sounds of various instruments to your recordings and tracks. This can add a different slant to your recordings and also provide you with some intriguing audio effects that can strengthen the effect of your music.

This feature is not as powerful as a full featured music production software like  LMMS Free music production software. But for those who can’t play instruments themselves, this can add the necessary depth to your music that you are missing out on due to the fact you don’t have as much musical ability as you would like.

So in conclusion, Jokosher might not be as powerful a free audio editor as Audacity, but it does have a few special features that make it very interesting for anyone who has any interest in music or recording.

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