Free Battle Game For PC and MAC: The Battle For Wesnoth

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Battle For Wesnoth is a Free Battle game for PC and MAC; where you have to build your own army and battle. Battle to regain the throne of Wesnoth.

There is unlimited gameplay for Single player in this game and Multiplayer mode is available too. Choose strategically from different kinds of fighters and battle through to protect your kingdom. This game can be downloaded and played on Windows Operating System, MAC OS X, and Linux.

battle game wesnoth

How To Win This Battle Game:

This battle game is little difficult to beat. All you need is your strategy, planning, and foresight. Recruit your army according to the situation and watch out for the limited Gold available.

First go through the tutorial to know all the functions and all the keyboard functions are given in preferences section. Most of the time you need only the mouse to play. When you right click you get several other options also. Even a mini map is shown in the top right corner. The Gold, houses conquered, army strength, etc. is indicated on the top of the screen.

This battle game has more than 200 different types of units, 16 races, and 6 major factions. In this game you can create your own units, create maps, and write your own scenarios. In multiplayer game you can challenge up to 8 other human players.

Game Features:

  • Build your own army starting from one single leader and limited Gold.
  • Advance through the stages and your armies will gain experience and more power.
  • Fog Of War feature also available to test your generalship.
  • 35 different language support.
  • Supported by any Operating System.

battle game campaign

The different modes in this battle game are:

1. Tutorial: First go through the tutorial where you will be trained on how to play the game. Follow the instructions given on the screen. This is an important step because later you may face problems with playing the game.

2. Campaign: Campaign mode is a single player mode. You can choose from three modes: beginner, normal, and challenging. First you will be asked to choose from various modes like:

  • Heir to the Throne: Fight to regain the throne of Wesnoth. This is a novice level game with 23 scenarios.
  • A Tale of Two Brothers: An evil mage is threating the village, help the villagers. This is also a novice level gameplay with only 4 scenarios.
  • An Orcish Incursion: Defend the forest of elves against the orcs, and learn valuable tactics also. This is a novice level play with 7 scenarios.
  • The South Guard: A young knight Deoran is made the incharge of the South Guard. This is a novice level with 9 scenarios to play.
  • Liberty: From here the difficulty increases where you have to defeat both Westanian troops and Orcs. This is intermediate level play with 8 scenarios.
  • Legend of Wesmere: In this stage you gain experience and become strong. This Stage has 18 scenarios.
  • The Eastern invasion: Protect the villagers from undead attacks on the eastern border of Wesnoth. This is an intermediate level with 16 scenarios.
  • The Hammer of Thursagan: Guide your people through the wild Northern lands. This is an intermediate level with 11 scenarios.
  • Descent into Darkness: Learn the dark arts of Necromancy. This is an intermediate level with 12 scenarios.
  • Delfador’s Memoirs: Wesnoth seems to be slipping into others hands. Protect it. This is an intermediate gameplay with 19 scenarios.
  • Dead Water: Lead your people on a mission to convince a powerful mer-sorceress to help you repel the invasion. This is an intermediate level with 10 scenarios.
  • The Sceptre of Fire: The land of Wesnoth comes from the Dwarves. This is an expert level with 9 scenarios.
  • Son of The Black Eye: Your father was a great Orcish leader. Now join with the Orcs tribes to fight back the evil forces who have taken your lands and power. This is an expert level with 18 scenarios.
  • The Rise of Wesnoth: Lead prince Haldric through destruction of Green Isle. This is an expert level with 24 scenarios.
  • Northern Rebirth: The people of Dwarfs has to choose to be slaves or fight back the Orcs. This is an expert level with 13 scenarios.
  • Under The Burning Suns: Lead your people to a new home. This is an expert level with 10 scenarios.

3. Multiplayer: In this you can join official server, play on internet, connect to a server, and create a dedicated server of Wesnoth. You can also play multiplayer LAN game with your friends. Click here to Learn How to Setup LAN Game.

4. Load: Load a previously saved game.

5. Add-ons: Download and play on user made maps, scenarios, and eras.

6. Map Editor: In this you can create your own maps.

7. Language: Change the language according to your choice.

8. Preferences: Here you can change your preferences like: display, multiplayer, sound, and advanced options.

battle game play

This game is turn based game; where you take turns to destroy your enemies. If you want to play a simultaneous action battle game then read my earlier review on Hidden and Dangerous and Sky Battle Game.

This game is a 310 MB game with good graphics and nice sound effects. Worth playing if you are a battle game fan.

Win the battle and regain your throne. Click here to Download Battle for Wesnoth.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, MAC
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