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Synchredible is a free data synchronization software that synchronizes the folders and drives with a mouse click. Synchredible will automatically recognize new files or modifications made to the files and execute protocols of new and changed data.  Synchredible can be use for data backup, and operates on an internal or external drives.

Another interesting data synchronization software that we reviewed earlier is FAST. And to keep your files in sync between multiple computers you can use Microsoft Sync and Dropbox.

Synchredible comes from the makers of Backup Maker. This free data synchronization will work as per your schedule to keep your files and folders in sync.

Here are some of the features of this Free Data synchronization software:

  • Synchredible is a free data synchronization software
  • This data synchronization software can synchronize all files
  • Users can skip synchronization on files with equal dates
  • Users can perform synchronization on newer files
  • You can synchronizes files that contain only archive bit
  • You can delete files/folders located in the directory
  • You can specify which files/folders shall be filtered
  • You can specify the time frame (days) to synchronize files which have been changed the last
  • You can specify the time frame (minutes) to perform the synchronization
  • You can specify the time (o’ clock) for the execution of synchronization
  • Execute synchronization on system event such as Windows start, USB detection, or Windows logoff
  • The synchronization can be  restricted to weekdays or month days
  • You can perform semi-automatic execution. Semi-automatic execution requires the user confirmation before carrying out the synchronization on the files/folders.
  • You can define the actions in the actions list that will be executed before or after the backup has started or finished
  • You can enable or disable the execution of the actions if the synchronization is cancelled
  • You can compare the contents of file in order to synchronize files with different content
  • You can delete archive bit on files that are already synchronized
  • Display a preview before the execution of the synchronization job
  • Create or show log file
  • The buffer size can be configured to 32kb, 64 kb, 128 kb, 256 kb, and 512 kb
  • You can offers a variety of verification method including CDC32, MD5, SHA1, and SHA 256
  • You can check updates to Synchredible
  • The report can be specified to show always, show if errors or never show
  • Mail server can be setup by specifying the SMTP server, username, password, and SMTP port
  • You can show, save or load the mail report

Synchredible is a free data synchronization software that is suitable for people that need to moves large amount of files from one place to another. Synchredible can run on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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