HealthVault: Free Health Monitoring Tool from Microsoft

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HealthVault is free software by Microsoft that offers you tools and devices which are informative about your own health. The application is designed keeping in mind the importance of self management and education while you can monitor your own health. The freeware is simple and easy yet unique to users as you can easily track and manage your health conditions, medications and prescriptions with this free tool set.

The application is free to use and you just need simple sign in for using this freeware. The application requires you to sign in with your MSN or hotmail Id, OpenID and also Facebook user name. If you are undergoing some treatment or chronic condition that requires frequent monitoring and measurements required to be taken at any time, then you can use this free tool set for recording the measurements and prescriptions for free. With this free software you can find online health tools that connect with HealthVault to help you manage your emergency information from your mobile phone, as it offers personalized emergency identification so as to provide round-the-clock call center response.


Interestingly, with this tool set you can record your measurements and numbers in your computer. This reduces paper work and every time you need not searching for the note book where you previously noted your numbers. The application will help you store your numbers and information privately in your HealthVault account. This info can be shared with your doctor or health care provider by taking print out or email them. You can also search for online health tools that helps you to connect and work with your device data to help you analyze trends, generate reports and recommendations and receive education which keeps you at your best.


Track Prescriptions- If you are taking multiple medications, than you can track your prescriptions with this freeware. You can input your prescription details in this freeware manually and keep track of them as know what exactly you are taking in and whether it has some side effects. You can also import your medicine history if you are buying medicines from HealthVault-connected pharmacy. Additionally by entering your prescription details with this freeware you can easily keep your medication details at one place and share it with your health care provider. Check your medication plan by getting connected with online health tools like Medication Risk Maps for drug interactions and side effects.

Manage your health- If you are you are suffering from any such disease that requires constant watch on your health and frequent measurements and numbers than you may use this freeware by making use of compatible tools and devices that can easily connect with your system, and then it tracks and manages your condition, and give your results to your healthcare providers. With this freeware use a device to record numbers related to your condition, as number of devices get connected with HealhVault so that you can upload your data automatically: glucometers, blood pressure monitors, weight scales and peak flow meters. With his stored info you can easily manage your condition in efficient way and interpret your health with yourself.

Store medical records– In many different ways you can feed data to this free ware. You can also use this freeware to record your medical report details by feeding data manually or upload your reports electronically. You can also ask your health care provider to fax your reports directly to this free software, where you can easily manage and organize your reports at one place avoiding arranging of physical reports. You can even have the existing information which is added to Health Vault by getting connected with labs, pharmacies, clinics and hospitals online and also add data by using devices like pedometers and blood pressure monitors.

Manage your family records– The application does not only help you input one member record, but you can manage your family health easily by using one account and application. Input all your family member health details with this freeware and you can manage your family health using this free software. For this purpose, you are not required to sign up for new account. You can enter health records of multiple members in your family and organize the information from one single place. This helps you when you are required to provide health info about your family in schools, camps and hospitals. With this free program you can also stay prepared for emergencies with access and notification tools that work with your HealthVault records.

Tools and devices– The application offers wide range of tools and devices for your health care, which you can use and connect with your Health Vault and manage your health easily. You can have the important information from Health Vault record you are tracking for by accessing to online health tools and devices offered by this free software. You can manage and analyze that information which can help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

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The application is complete tool set when it comes to track, manage and organize your health care. The application is completely free of cost and you can easily get access to your health related information from this freeware from anywhere if you are away from your system. You can also keep yourself informed about your aging parents or travelling out. The information in this application is stored privately and you can avoid any leak outs with this software. Moreover if you are in the way to keep yourself fit with exercises, you can easily track and update your exercise regime with this software.

Use an online health tool to set and analyze goals and also to enhance your health plan, then you can chart your progress over time. There are online tools for you, if you are planning for diet chart and exercise regime. Just take care of your nutrition and exercise goals by getting the detailed info about the tools which offers you fitness routines and custom meal plans. No matter what way you keep your health reports and records, you can keep your info in HealthVault for better tracking and managing purpose.

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