4 Page Load Checker Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 4-page load checker extensions for Chrome which you can use to check website load speeds and also their performance, in general. Website load speed is important thing to know if you’re a website owner and/or a developer, because if website isn’t loading fast enough you lose visitors and it will leave a dent in the reputation that your website has, and also in search engine rankings.

Following extensions can help you to easily keep an overview over page load speeds.

Page Load Time

page load checker extensions chrome 1

Page Load Time adds a timer to the top right corner of the interface where the page load time of every website that you visit is going to be measured. Timer shows access times in seconds.

Left click on the icon shows you a lot of useful additional information in a drop down window down below. It’s basically a breakdown of all the important page load data. For example, you can go over info such as DNS lookup time, request time, connect time, load events and more.

Get Page Load Time.

Page Benchmarker

page load checker extensions chrome 2

Page Benchmarker is a bit more advanced page load analyzer for Chrome, which opens up in a new tab. Here you will have to copy and paste the URL of the website that you’re interested in testing.

Results for each step of the load cycle and a graph showing the load time breakdown are going to be shown down below, after you click on the Run button. Note that in order for Page Benchmarker to work, you will need to run the Chrome from the command line to enable benchamrking. Type in cmd –enable-benchmarking –enable-stats-table. Results of the test can be exported as CSV files.

Get Page Benchmarker.

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app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor

page load checker extensions chrome 3

app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor is a page load checker extension that’s very similar to Page Load Time, only in my opinion app.telemetry has a nicer layout for the page load speed analysis that it reports back.

Notice the info arranged in columns shown about the different steps of the page load process. Also, notice the number of overall seconds it took to load the page. Extension gives info on all the important data, like DNS lookup time, TCP request breakdown, processing, onload events (Javascript for example) and more.

Get app.telemetry Page Speed Monitor.

Average Load Time Tester

page load checker extensions chrome 4

Average Load Time Tester will perform X number of page loads (refresh) of a website and then give you the average load speed for the number of tests that you decided to conduct.

Number of page loads can be customized, for example on the image above I conducted 10 page load test with a 5 second pause between each page load. Once all 10-page loads finished, extension presented me with the average page load time.

Get Average Load Time Tester.

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Simply because it has a bit nicer look and feel, I have to say that app.telemetry is my favorite out of the 4 page load checker extensions that I covered above. Others aren’t that bad, Average Load Time Tester in particular if you need to measure page load averages.

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