5 Learn Chinese Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 learn Chinese apps for Android which you can use to learn Chinese, duh. Seeing how China is developing exponentially, a lot of people are seeking opportunities to find work there. Others are just traveling or studying there. Knowing the language can only help in either one of those situations. On the list down below I tried to find Android apps that can help you get the handle of at least the basics of the Chinese language. Note that the apps I covered mostly focus on the Mandarin Chinese. Let’s see how exactly it is that they work.

Learn Chinese Mandarin Free

Learn Chinese Mandarin Free imitates Duolingo, the very popular language learning app, which unfortunately doesn’t support Chinese as of yet. Similar style of the interface is available.

learn chinese apps android 1

App starts you off with 3 basic levels, before moving on to specialized levels like colors, numbers, shapes, family members, etc. In total there’s around 50 levels, or as they are called in the app, conversational topics. They consist of multiple choice questions, symbol to image matching, symbol reading, pretty much everything that Duolingo offers, only for the Chinese language, Mandarin Chinese to be more specific.

Get Learn Chinese Mandarin Free.

Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases by Codegent

Whereas Learn Chinese Mandarin Free starts you off with learning individual words, how to pronounce, read and write them, Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases focuses on actual Chinese phrases.

learn chinese apps android 2

Over 300 phrases are available in the free version of the app. They are categorized into groups. Available groups include greetings, general conversion, numbers, directions & places, transportation, eating out and emergency numbers.

Get Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases by Codegent.

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Learn Chinese 6,000 Words

Learn Chinese 6,000 Words has 2 very interesting features. First one can be picked up from its name. It’s the fact that the app has over 6000 words in its vocabulary. The second very useful feature you’re going to come across after running the app for the first time.

learn chinese apps android 3

I’m talking about the fact that you don’t necessarily have to know English in order to learn Chinese using this learn Chinese app. Several dozen of other languages are supported and can be setup as the native language. Categories of words include people, appearance, health, home, services, shopping, food, etc. App offers image to symbol matching, write word practice, listen and write, choose word and many other types of tests.

Get Learn Chinese 6,000 Words.

Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases by Bravolol

Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases by Bravolol has the same concept as its namesake from Codegent, the second app from the list.

learn chinese apps android 4

List of available categories of words can be browsed on the left. Once you select a category, list of all the available expressions is showed on the right. Tap on an expression and you’ll see Chinese symbols for it and you’ll hear its pronunciation.

Get Learn Chinese Mandarin Phrases by Bravolol.

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Learn Chinese Vocabulary

Learn Chinese Vocabulary is a very small app, perfect for all those with older Android devices, without a lot of storage or amazing hardware specs.

learn chinese apps android 5

It’s just 300 KB in size, but that’s not the only thing that makes it interesting. This app has standardized tests from the Chinese government for non-native speakers. Over 5000 word cards like the one above are available. Unfortunately there’s no actual pronunciation, only English explanation next to Chinese symbols and phonetic expression in writing are available.

Get Learn Chinese Vocabulary.


All 5 of the learn Chinese apps from the list above are quite useful, and you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. The ones that caught my eye the most are Learn Chinese 6,000 Words, followed by Learn Chinese Mandarin Free and then Learn Chinese Vocabulary as a great lightweight alternative to the previously mentioned two. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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