5 Free Websites to Learn to Cook Chinese Cuisine

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Here is a list of 5 free websites to learn to cook Chinese cuisine online. You can learn to cook some delicious dishes with the help of these websites.

The websites included in this review are  chinesehomecooking, Cooking-China, Cook In Shanghai, Food.com, and travelchinaguide.

Food is a very essential part of our culture. It varies from place to place and in a way defines the personality of people living in a particular society. Thus, as people, living in different parts of world, are divided by cultures and geographical terrains, it is very natural that their eating habits are also very different. But, even though the food and ingredients used are different from place to place, food is one thing that also brings together people. We all have our choice of comfort food that we can back on to, but our taste buds are never tired of trying out something new. So, let us not disappoint our taste buds and explore some recipes of the Chinese world. The websites mentioned below will help you in learning some popular and tasty dishes, for free.Chinese Cuisine



Chinese cuisine

chinesehomecooking is the first website reviewed in this list to learn Chinese cuisine. This is like an eBook to learn all about Chinese food. You can go through the recipes, ingredients, learn the technique, and more. All these things have been divided into different tabs and further into sections. The Recipe tab has written recipes for all the dishes like noodles, bourbon chicken, Tofu, and more. There are categories like Vegetarian, Chicken, Pork, etc. so that you can easily find out your dish and know how to cook them. The website keeps on adding new recipes from time to time as well and you can also print them if you want.

In the Ingredients tab you will find all the common spices, seasonings, etc. used to make Chinese dishes. They are also combined into different sections. Finally, in the Technique tab, there are lessons on how to fry dishes, boil them, how to cut perfect slices & rolls, and more.


Chinese cuisine

Next in the queue to learn Chinese cuisine is Cooking-China. There are lots and lots of recipes on these websites that you can learn, and the website keeps on adding new recipes from time to time. The home page of the website has an index, wherein different categories of dishes are provided.  Some of these categories are Chicken, Soup, Tofu, Vegetables, and more. Each of the category has multiple dishes with their written recipes. The recipes are pretty elaborate in nature and also contain images of the item concerned. What’s interesting is that it also has the option of allowing you to email a particular recipe to your friend. You can even review or rate the recipe based on your experience.

Cook In Shanghai:

Chinese Cuisine

Moving ahead, Cook In Shanghai is the next website in this list to learn Chinese cuisine. It comes with a great looking interface and a considerable number of recipes to learn from. Basically, the website provides you details for cooking classes conducted in Shanghai from time to time by a particular group of chefs. But, the recipes for all the dishes made in a particular class are also uploaded on the website. You can find these recipes in the Recipe tab of the website. However, as you cannot make innumerable dishes in one class, the recipes available on the website are a little less in number as compared to some other websites. So, you can only learn a few recipes at a time and wait for new recipes to be uploaded. The classes are held regularly, as I could judge from the provided calendar, so you will keep on getting new recipes to learn from time to time.


Chinese cuisine

Food.com is another exciting platform to learn Chinese cuisine. There are lots and lots of recipes on offer and all of them are arranged in separate categories. You can view a list of most searched or popular dishes, learn to make dishes recently uploaded on the website, and much more. The recipes provided by the website are also very elaborate. It mentions the exact technique to cook that particular dish, apart from the ingredients required. You can review these recipes and also add pictures of the dish cooked by you.

One very interesting feature of this website is that, apart from written recipes, video tutorials are also available for some dishes. Even though there are very limited number of video tutorials available, this is something that I did not find on any other website included in this list. Finally, the website also has a mobile app that you can try from the link provided on the website.


Chinese cuisine

This is the final website in this list of websites to learn to cook Chinese cuisine. Now, as it can be judged from the name itself, travelchinaguide provides you with all the necessary information about the country. Not only does it introduce you to the famous dishes of China, it also has information regarding places to visit, etc. The food section has different recipes that you can go through and learn. There are categories like Vegetables, Soup, Meat, etc. and each of them contains multiple recipes.

The recipes on this website not only provide you with just a list of ingredients and directions, but also guide you through the entire procedure in a step by step manner. Each and every step is neatly explained and contains several pictures of how exactly your dish should look at that particular step. This is a good website for beginners who need some additional guidance.

Chinese food has always been one of the favorite among food lovers. Their different soups, noodles, etc. something we all crave for (well, personally I do). Try out these websites, learn some tasty dishes, and invite me over for a meal :)

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