5 Websites To Learn Chinese Online For Free

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Here is a list of 5 websites to learn Chinese online for free. As can be deduced from the topic itself, the websites provide you with content that helps you in learning the Chinese language and their vocabulary. There are different video lessons and dictionaries available on these websites that help you out in learning Chinese.

Among all the languages, Chinese is considered to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. Their slangs, sounds, etc. are hard to pick up. Let us see how these websites make this task easy for us.

The 5 websites mentioned in this article are Clear Chinese, BBC Chinese, Chinesetools.com, nciku, and Learnchineseeveryday.

Clear Chinese:

Clear Chinese-learn Chinese online-home page

The first website to learn Chinese online is Clear Chinese. On this website, you will find a lot of video and MP3 lessons to learn Chinese.  These MP3 lessons are divided into different categories, like: Newbies, Elementary, Intermediate and can be downloaded on your system. The website also teaches you about Chinese characters and fonts and there is a Chinese online dictionary available for you as well. On this online dictionary, you can type any word and translate it in Chinese pinyin. Lastly, the website also has plenty of Chinese writing lessons available for you.

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BBC Chinese:

BBC Chinese

Second website to learn Chinese online is BBC Chinese. BBC, as we all know, is a very rich source for a whole lot of things. Similarly, the website has some great and interesting Chinese lessons for you to learn. There are guides available for you to learn Chinese Pinyin. You can also watch some videos showing real conversations in Chinese and pick up from them. Not only this, the website provides you some test papers that you can go through to test your knowledge about the language. However, the most interesting thing that I found on this website was the funny character games that you can play.

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Another website to learn Chinese online is Chinesetools.com. This website offers you some basic Chinese lessons to go through and learn from. There are lessons on Chinese Pinyin, calligraphy, slang, and more. You can learn to write different Chinese characters. These characters are divided into different chapters according to their difficulty level. The website also has one Chinese dictionary where you can look up for Chinese translations of different words. Last but not the least, there is one Leisure tab on the website that contains information on Chinese proverbs, songs, and more.

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nciku is the fourth website in this list to learn Chinese online. The primary task of this website is to provide you with meanings and pronunciations of different words in Chinese. You can type the word in the box and look for its meaning and how its written & spelled. But this website is more than just an online dictionary to learn Chinese. There are a couple of very interesting features that made me include this website in this list. The website has an online conversation going on in Chinese. You can be a part of this conversation and learn different phrases and characters. Another feature, and a very interesting one, is that you can learn to draw characters on the website itself. Just pick a character and draw it in the provided space with the help of your mouse.

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Learnchineseeveryday is the final website in this list to learn Chinese online. This website is quite different from the websites mentioned above. The website teaches you one Chinese word everyday along with its meaning and pronunciation. To explain the meaning of the word in detail, example sentences and phrases are also given. These examples can both be read and heard by you to understand and learn their meaning.

Try it out here.

So, all these websites provide you with a lot of online material to learn Chinese. Try them out and give us your feedback in the comments section below.

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