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Roboscan is a relatively new antivirus software which still hasn’t found a big user base like the ones that all the other AV names like AVG, Avast and Avira have. Since it’s new it has to offer something new and innovative in order to attract new users, and that’s exactly what Roboscan has done, with it’s addition of several useful system utilities to the basic security software portion of the program.

Roboscan default window

User interface of Roboscan is very easy to follow, all the different features that the free version of this program has are listed in tabs, which can be seen on the image above. What you see shown above is the default Security Center tab where all the basic information about the system is posted. We already see that there is a problem in the form of Roboscan not being updated, and that the Firewall is not activated. Short list of everything that Roboscan can do would be the following:

  • Antivirus and Antispyware protection
  • Firewall protection – network monitoring
  • System status scanner – check Windows settings
  • Privacy scanner, web history scanner and deletion
  • Real time protection
  • Self protection – Roboscan protection so that it cannot be modified by viruses

These are the basic options which are offered with the free version of Roboscan. If you want more features you’re gonna have to switch to one of the paid versions which also offer registry scanners, but system security tools and utilities that you get in the free version are more than enough.

Detect malware with Roboscan

There are three scan methods that you get with Roboscan:

  • Quick
  • Basic
  • Advanced

The difference between them would be how much system files are scanned, Quick means that only the basic system files are scanned, while Advanced gives you the option to select where you want the program to scan. Basic would be something in between. Detection rate of Roboscan is rather good. It’s virus engine is built around BitDefender and ESTsoft ALYac engines, so quality is definitely there.

System firewall with Roboscan

By default the firewall is disabled, you’re gonna have to turn it on by clicking on Setup and entering the firewall settings.

Roboscan activate firewall

There you can also choose what kind of behavior you expect from the firewall. If you want it to block all the traffic right away, do you want it to ask each time that an application want’s internet access and so on. After you set everything up, click on OK and Firewall should have been activated.

Secure file deletion with Roboscans File Shredder

File Shredder would be one of those tools that we were talking about when we mentioned useful little system utilities that comes with Roboscan.

Roboscan file shredding

You can use the File Shredder in order to delete files from your system so that they cannot be recovered or undeleted with data recovery software. Doing this is very important if you are planning on selling your computer, and preventing others from resurrecting your files.


Roboscan is still new and it does offer a lot of interesting functionalities. If you’re in the market for a new antivirus program, make sure to give Roboscan a try and see if you like the protection that it has to offer, it’s free.

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