5 Free Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files

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Here are 5 Free File Recovery Software. These recovery software help you recover deleted files.

Have you ever accidentally deleted an important file and cursed yourself? Well, if you haven’t permanently deleted your file than you can rely upon an extra layer called Recycle bin. But what if you have emptied the Recycle bin or have pressed a Shift+Del key? Even then it might be possible to recover deleted files.

Here I present you with 5 free software to recover your deleted file even if you have permanently deleted it.

1. Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete is file recovery software for NTFS, FAT, NTFS +EFS file systems. It is a powerful solution to recover compressed or fragmented or encrypted files.

The program scans your HDD and displays the list of deleted files along with details on recovery possibility. If your file can be recovered, then just click the Restore button and your file will be back. You can filter your searches too.

Glary Undelete can also recover files for removable devices too. The software supports all Windows platforms. Recover the files deleted by any bug or virus with this free data recovery software. Find Glary Undelete free file recovery tool by following the link.

2. NTFS Undelete

NTFS Undelete is a open source file recovery freeware that makes use of the basics of data recovery to recover your deleted file with NTFS file system for Windows users.

When you delete a file, its contents are not immediately destroyed instead the memory is marked as free or available for a new file write.  So all you have to do is to set that space back as “on” and that’s it. You can get your file back. And NTFS Undelete can help you set that back as “on”.

If you have deleted any useful file the stop using that computer right away. Get the NTFS Undelete ISO image file in a CD (you may use a different computer) and run it directly from the CD. Recover your files to a different partition.

With NTFS Undelete You can also recover your file that’s not located in the system disk. This free recovery software is just as easy to use as that. With several clicks you can get your deleted file back intact. Reach NTFS Undelete file recovery software through the following link.

3. DiskDigger

DiskDigger is a self-contained utility that can recover lost or deleted files. It works with all FAT and NTFS file types. You can recover almost any kind of file be it an image, or an audio or video or document.

There are two modes with which you can recover deleted files: a ‘deep’ scan and a ‘deeper’ scan option. It thoroughly searches for any traces of the file. Working with DiskDigger is very easy and comes with a cool interface.

You don’t have to install anything to work with DiskDigger. It’s a stand-alone .exe file which you can execute from anywhere and that makes this software truly portable. It allows you to recover files from any type of readable media such as Hard disk, USB flash drives or any memory cards.

One important feature that I noted with DiskDigger is that it will show you the preview of the file even without fully recovering it. This tool can work even if it’s a badly formatted disk drive. Download DiskDigger free data recovery software by following the link.

4. Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is one of the best recovery tools freely available for effective data recovery. This software is available for all Windows platforms and it supports FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS/EFS file systems.

The program has three search settings: browse, search and deep scan. The quickest and easiest option would be ‘browse’ which searches for individual folders and files. The ‘search’ option searches for a file with a full or partial file name, file creation or access date etc. The ‘deep scan’ option scans the entire drive and will detect all the deleted or lost files.

Pandora Recovery tool recovers any type of file and you also have a preview option. The software has a very friendly user interface and also comes with a very useful help file. Try out Pandora Recovery free software by following the link.

5. PC Inspector

PC Inspector is yet another amazing free file recovery software that supports FAT 12/16/31 and NTFS file systems. It’s very easy to use free software.

You basically select your drive where deleted file was and just search for the file. The program displays the list of deleted file with a condition status which says if the file can be recovered properly. If the file condition is ‘good’ then you can recover your file completely. PC Inspector finds the partitions automatically and recovers files with the original time and date stamp.

PC Inspector is a pretty stable and effective free file recovery solution. It supports a number of file formats such as JPG, HTM, BMP, TAR, TIF, WAV, ZIP, EXE, GIF etc. Try out PC Inspector by following the link.

A few other good data recovery software that we left out from this list are: Recuva, and Panda Recovery.


Deleting a file is one of those stupid accidents that we all do! Even though none of these recovery tools do magic recovering everything that you have deleted, it can still effectively help you in getting those files back if it’s not too late. If you haven’t tried these free data recovery tools yet, try it out for yourself now.

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