GPS Tracking Software to Track your Travel Movements: MapSphere

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MapSphere is free GPS Tracking software that enables you to share your traveling experience in a simple convenient way by tracking all your movements across the globe.

Features of this free GPS tracking software

MapSphere connects to various online server and retrieves maps for various locations on the globe. Maps and other related data are downloaded to your computer making them easy to scroll and zoom. You can also use downloaded maps in offline mode. Maps are available in both 2D and 3D maps to give you street and satellite views when you need them.

MapSphere incorporates a search feature to help you find locations on the globe via a series of location-based servers. You can search places using names or using coordinates.

MapSphere incorporates GPS receiver via the NMEA protocol. The GPS receivers can be able to pinpoint your exact location on the globe, speed you are travelling at and distance you have covered on your trip. GPS information is recorded and saved and can be accessed from the application.

The tracking feature allows you to track people you know via GPS tracks or via Glowfly application. You can view GPS locations and their exact location on the map.

MapSphere supports geo- caches saved in GPX files. With geocaches available, Geocaching players can use the information to locate items and view their attributes and description.

Arrange and organise your travelling experience by mapping images, chats, notes and other information on to their respective tracks on the map.

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How to use this GPS Tracking freeware

The program prompts you to login to their servers. If you wish to create an account click Create a new Account, register for an account and login or use the Anonymous login to access the program without having to register. You can log out by selecting Disconnect from the Online menu or login using another username by clicking Change User. On launching the program, you are greeted by a welcome screen with options to conduct tutorial, take you for a tour of the application, create an account or immediately begin using the application. You can disable this  screen by checking the Show dialog on start up checkbox and later view it via the Help menu.


The File menu lets you perform file operation on MapSphere. From the menu, you can open a track or geocaches or access a list or recently used tracks  and geocaches. To change which toolbar to view  and what map views to be used, select the appropriate options on the View menu. You can choose which maps to view depending on content you want to view by selecting the appropriate option on the Maps menu. You can also set the program to auto download maps or force maps to refresh by selecting the respective options on the Maps menu. You can return to the default map by clicking the Home icon or toggle between 3D and 2D views by clicking the respective icons on the Navigation toolbar. Zoom in or out with the zoom icons on the Navigationtoolbar. Searching of places and addresses can be performed on the search toolbar.


To use GPS tracking you have to add a GPS device. To add a GPS device, navigate to Configure on the GPS menu. Once, your GPS device is ready, you can connect to the GPS device by clicking Connect on the GPS menu. On the same menu, you can use the Auto scroll option to automatically scroll through the map. Trip odometers are reset by selecting the Reset Trip odometer option. Use the activity menu to select what mode of transport you are using or Stop recording GPS information.

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  • Support for both 3D and 2D maps.
  • Offline map usage.
  • GPS locator can be used anywhere on the globe.
  • Detailed map of your trips with photos.


None that I could find.


MapSphere is a simple, excellent GPS tracking application you could use everyday to track people, document and plan trips and also use for navigation. Ability to use maps in offline mode gives it an edge over other applications designed to do the same.

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Works With: Windows XP, Vista, 7
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