Free Management Software for Clubs and Association: MyClub

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My Club is a free management software for clubs, associations and small businesses that lets you easily manage clients or members. The program has 4 modules, Customer, Card, Invoice and Schedule which are used to manage client and customer information.

Features of MyClub Management Software

My Club features include,

  • Compatibility with most Windows-based operating systems including Windows XP
  • Free license is available by registering your product on the publisher’s website
  • Support for both English and French
  • Interface can be modified with a variety of skins
  • Frequent updates
  • Easy management of members using a members list
  • Easy financial management with inbuilt billing procedures and production of invoice statements
  • Customization of various items such as cards and invoices
  • Barcode cards enable electronic management of members

How to use it

Installation was quite easy but not straightforward. You have to be connected to the internet for installation to continue. The application also requires you to register the application before using it. The interface is simple and well-arranged. You get shortcut icons at the top and the rest of the program functionalities are arranged in six tabs.

My Card

The management software requires that you create a database before you can carry out any other procedures. You do not need to have a database installed as the program is bundled with FireBird database. On the same file menu, you can select a database previously created. Connecting to a database is a must for the program to be able to read and write data on the database. You can set the program to connect to a database automatically when launched. Carefully choose between Mode TAX and Mode TOTAL as you cannot change them once the database is created. The latter calculates VAT based on the total price including tax while the former calculates VAT on the price of an item excluding tax.

My Card

Customer can be managed from the Customers tab. From here you can add, delete or modify customers. The Card tab is used to manage customer cards. The module allows you create, edit and print cards for existing customers. Creating cards requires linking a new card to an existing customer and hence you have to add new customers to the database before you can create any cards for them. Before you print the card you can easily preview both sides to confirm whether the card contains the correct information and all details are included. You can also delete and modify card information or search for a card with the barcode as the key.

The Invoices tab lets you manage your invoices. You can create a new invoice, empty existing ones, preview and print individual invoices, delete invoices and print all invoices in a list. The Schedule tab lets you create day by day schedules of various events you would like to manage. The tab has a date navigator which is a calendar which you can select a date from and set a schedule for that day.

The Settings tab lets you access all program configuration. You can connect and disconnect specific databases, secure databases by setting passwords and even backup databases for migration or for restoration in case you suffer data loss. The Designer lets users modify front and back card models, invoice models and modify list models for invoices. Company information like names, addresses, logos and others is added and modified via the same.

Front Card Model_MY CARD


The interface is very intuitive and thus very easy to use. The features on this management software wont be easily found on free software. The program is fast and consumes just the right amount of system resources. More complex procedures like editing card models should be approached with caution particularly for users not familiar with FireBird database.


MyClub is a perfect software for anyone looking for a simple but superb program to manage members and clients.

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Works With: Windows 7, Vista & XP
Free/Paid: Free

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