5 Free Websites To Learn Maps Online

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Here, are 5 free websites to learn maps online. Everyone should have at least some basic knowledge about the world map, your countries map and places in your countries, etc. These interactive websites help you to improve your geography like never before. Geography seems to be a boring subject for most of us, but through these interactive websites, you would learn maps in easier, better and interesting way. These websites are specially designed for kids, so that they can play several games related to Geography to learn maps and enhance their Geography.


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LizardPoint is one of the most simple and user-friendly website to play games related to Geography and learn maps. You can select the quiz game for the Whole World map or any country from the list available. Like suppose I selected the country India, now it will show me India’s map and Geographical questions related to India. For giving an answer to a question, you need to plot the place on the map. If you correctly plot the place, in the result box it would be shown as the correct answer. For the next question, you simply need to click on “Next question” button. In this way, you can learn maps of the whole world and places across the world.

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Learn Maps Online002

ILike2Learn is a free website that allows you to learn maps in the most interactive way possible. This website shows you “ Game of the week”, “New Games”, recommended games and 10 most popular games related to geography by which you can learn maps. This website includes games like Caribbean map quiz, World continents map quiz, Europe map quiz, United States map quiz, world’s longest rivers map quiz and many more. When you click on any of them, it opens up with a map and the geographical question related to it. You need to plot the place questioned, in the map shown. Moreover if, your answer is incorrect, take help from hint and answer the question. In this way, you could enhance your Geography and learn maps.


Learn Maps Online003

SheppardSoftware is also one of the most interactive website, which enhances your Geography and allows you to learn maps. This interactive website includes world geography games, U.S geography games, Asian Geography games, European Geography games and much more. If you click on any of them sub categories under them open up. Like suppose I clicked on “Asian Geographic games”, the sub categories are to learn about the capitals of Asian countries, Learn about the Asian countries and learn geographic regions of Asia. So I just played the game in which this website asked me a question to locate Singapore on the map. Moreover, you would also see additional information about the country or a place in the left side. In this way, my geography is enhanced, and I even suggest you to try this website to learn maps.

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Learn Maps Online004

GeographyMapGames is also one of the best website from where you could learn maps of several countries. This website shows you the name and flag of various countries. For playing the Geographical games related to a country, click on the country name and select the game type. Suppose if you click on India, there are only 2 game types; Cities of India and Cities of India Junior. With a single click on Cities of India, a map of India opens up in which you need to plot the city, which is asked. Suppose if you did not plot the city correctly, then the city will be plotted automatically and shows you the gap between your chosen location and actual location. Moreover, you also get scores even if you don’t plot correctly. You may also save your scores by registering yourself to this website. Learn maps with the help of this website.


Learn Maps Online005

YourChildLearns is a free website to learn maps which offers several map puzzle games. This website includes map puzzles for United States- states and capitals, Europe, China provinces, World continents and more. Click any of them and select any of the game option and click on the play button. On this website, I played a game in which I was supposed to drag the puzzle piece to it’s proper place on the map. There are many such games which will surely enhance your Geography. Try this Website for free.

So, these were few websites for learning maps. Try out these websites.

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