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TweepsMap is a free website to see location of Twitter followers on Map. It analyzes all your Twitter followers, and then plot them on a map. This is very useful if you want to see how are your Twitter followers geographically distributed, and how effective your social media campaigns are. For example, if your product is primarily targeted towards users of North America, you can use this tool to confirm that bulk of your Twitter followers are actually from North America.

TweepsMap is quite easy to use. It uses OAuth authentication to connect to your Twitter account. This ensures that you do not have to share your password with this map Twitter followers tool. After that, TweepsMap will get information about all your Twitter followers. It will then plot all the followers on the map.


TweepsMap also gives a nice summary of where are your Twitter followers located, and gives you an option to tweet that summary.

Apart from that, TweepsMap also gives an option to see geographic distribution in form of pie charts, and also a simple list view. This is very useful to do a quick comparison of how your Twitter followers are located geographically.

Tweepsmap Pie chart

Some of the features of this Map Twitter Followers tool:

  1. You can see location of Twitter followers on the map.
  2. See location of Twitter followers in the form of pie charts, and simple list.
  3. See location of Twitter followers at country level, State / Province level, or even City level.
  4. Completely free.

Best part of TweepsMap is that it is quite fast in processing data of all the Twitter followers. I tried it with my 2000 Twitter followers, and it was able to map them within a few seconds. And of course, it is completely free.

So, go ahead and map your Twitter followers with TweepsMap.

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