5 Free UML Design Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 UML design software for Windows 10 which can be used to create UML diagrams. UML diagrams are used to visualize work processes, model complex systems and create detailed plans for just about anything. Applications that I covered on the list down below will help you create UML diagrams by offering either diagram templates or a wide range of UML elements for creation diagrams from scratch.

Let’s have a look at what exactly it is that’s available.

Violet UML Editor

uml diagram software windows 10 1

Violet UML Editor is an UML design software for Windows 10 which comes with optimized workspaces for both static (class and object) and dynamic (use case, state, activity and sequence) UML diagrams. After launching the application you’ll have to choose the type of UML diagram you want to create (from the 6 that I mentioned). This will determine what kind of diagram elements will be available from the right sidebar toolbox.

On the image above I’m creation a class diagram. Interface is very clean and easy to follow. Like I already mentioned, toolbar can be found in the sidebar on the right. Each new diagram that you create is added as a new tab. Multiple diagrams can be opened at the same time. Elements are added to the drawing area via left mouse click. Finished diagrams can be printed or saved as an image (PNG, JPG). Only Violets own custom format .VIOLET is supported as input.

Get Violet UML Editor.


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ArgoUML is a more advanced UML design software for Windows 10. You can use it to design class, state, use case, activity, collaboration, deployment and sequence UML diagrams. Interface is riddled with options for detailed tweaking of the UML designs that you create. Elements are added from the sidebar on the left.

Drop down selector from the top of the sidebar gives you the ability to change the type of elements that are showed (depending on the UML diagram type). Editing area is located on the right-hand side of the application window. Underneath the editing area is a whole sleuth of tabbed property windows for fine tuning elements, accessing source code and even a checklist among other things. Finished diagrams can be exported as PNG, GIF, SVG, PS or EPS. Existing diagram can be opened as long as they are saved using ZARGO, XMI, XML or UML document format.

Get ArgoUML.

Also, have a look at Online Drawing Tool with Real-Time Collaboration: Cacoo.

UMLet – free UML design software for Windows 10

uml diagram software windows 10 3

UMLet is a UML design software for Windows 10 which has great format support and it comes with a large selection of UML elements. Interface layout is a bit backwards here. Editing area takes up left half of the application window. Right half is split in two. Top section has the element selector and bottom text box area is where element description is made using markdown.

Like I already mentioned, a large number of UML elements can be found. There are elements for creating class, sequence, state machine, timing, use case and composite structure diagrams. There are other generic elements in the “Generic” category. Existing UML diagrams can be opened only if they are saved using Umlets own UXF document format. As for the export, finished diagrams can be saved as BMP, EPS, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG or SVG.

Get UMLet.

TopCoder UML Tool

uml diagram software windows 10 4

TopCoder UML Tool is a UML design software for Windows 10 which falls somewhere between ArgoUML and UMLet feature-wise. You can see from the screenshot above that it’s advanced, but not so advanced that you end up being lost in all the tabs and property settings (which happened to me in ArgoUML).

Four types of UML diagrams are supported, class, use case, sequence and activity. Selection of elements and tweakable properties from the left sidebar changes depending on what diagram type you’ve selected. To add an element to the editing area select it first then double click on empty space within the editing area. Properties are tweaked in the window down below. Format support is pretty good. XMI, XML, ZUML and TCUML formats are supported as input and GIF, JPEG, PNG, PNM and TIFF as export. Printing is also supported.

Get TopCoder UML Tool.

Also, have a look at ArgoUML: Free and Open Source UML Modelling Tool.


uml diagram software windows 10 5

WhiteStarUML is an UML diagram software for Windows 10. It looks like a more beefed up version of TopCoder UML Tool. Left sidebar has the toobox where a couple of dozen UML elements, all the more commonly used ones, can be found.

To add an element first select it and then left click on the editing area in the middle. They can be additionally repositioned using the mouse. Right sidebar has a long list of element properties that can be tweaked. WhiteStartUML supports UML format, the one used by a very popular commercial UML design software StarUML. Finished diagrams can be exported as JPEG, PNG, BMP, EMF or WMF.

Get WhiteStarUML.


It’s really hard to pick favorites, seeing how all 5 of the UML design software from the list above worked great on my Windows 10 setup. They all also come with lots of useful features. If I absolutely had to single out some of them, it would be Violet UML Editor and TopCoder UML Tool. Violet is easy to use. TopCoder UML Tool on the other hand is perfect for those who looking for something a bit more advanced.

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