5 Birthday Reminder Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 birthday reminder extensions for Google Chrome. Birthdays aren’t easy to keep track of, especially if you have a lot of friends. Facebook makes things easier by reminding us about birthdays of people that are close to us, but if we don’t have Facebook, or we’re not able to use it for one reason or another, then keeping track of people’s birthdays gets a lot harder. That’s where browser extensions can come in handy, because we practically always have a web browser open, it’s a must these days.

I scoured the Chrome Web Store and found following extensions that can be used as birthday reminders.

Simple Birthday Reminder

birthday reminder extensions chrome 1

Simple Birthday Reminder is a birthday reminder extension for Chrome which fetches your friends birthday information from either Facebook or Google or rather your profiles on these two social networks.

Friends whose information is available will be added to the “birthday monitoring list” of Simple Birthday Reminder, see image above. List is simple, and notice that there’s a notification icon in the top right corner. Once that a birthday of a friend is around the corner you will know about it right away after opening Chrome, without having to open Facebook, Google+ or your email.

Get Simple Birthday Reminder.

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Chrome Reminder

birthday reminder extensions chrome 2

Chrome Reminder is a reminder extension for Chrome that isn’t necessarily designed to be a birthday reminder extension, but it can be used as that nonetheless.

This is more of a general purpose reminder extension, which works as a checklist. To never forget about birthdays of people close to you, simply add reminders to the Chrome Reminder’s list. When the “D day” comes, you’ll receive a small pop-up notification that tells you you’re forgetting someones birthday.

Get Chrome Reminder.

Minimalistic Memo Calender

birthday reminder extensions chrome 3

Minimalistic Memo Calender is a calender extension where you can easily add reminders. Again they don’t necessarily have to be birthday reminders, but that’s what we’re gonna be using it for.

Tap on a date where you’d like to add reminders and type in what the reminder is in the memo field to the right. Don’t forget to save the reminder by tapping on the save button in the bottom right corner.

Get Minimalistic Memo Calender.

Any.do Extension

birthday reminder extensions chrome 4

Any.do works in unison with the web service that bears the same name. To use the extension, you’ll have to register an account first.

With the account registered, you can then start adding reminders to the pop-up list on the right. As soon as you’ve reached the date that you’ve setup, a notification will pop-up telling you that time’s up, you need to start preparing for the birthday party.

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Get Any.do Extension.


birthday reminder extensions chrome 5

TASKS REMINDER is another simplistic reminder extension where you can add reminders about important tasks, but it can also easily be used as a birthday reminder app.

Type in title, date and details and you’ll never again forget about birthdays because a pop-up notification won’t let you forget about them.



I enjoyed Chrome Reminder the most because it works nicely and is very simple. You don’t need a reminder app to complicate things for you, but if you’re in need of a complicated birthday reminder app, there’s plenty of them to choose on the list above. Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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