5 Reminder Extensions For Google Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 free reminder extensions for Google Chrome which you can use to make sure that no task goes forgotten. Having a lot of things that need to be completed usually means that some of them will not be done. It would be a good idea to keep the most important ones written down somewhere, and that’s exactly what the following extensions are intended for.

Let’s have a look at these extensions we found for you on the Chrome webstore.

Quick Reminder

free reminder extensions google chrome

Quick Reminder one of the simplest reminder extension for Chrome that we found. One click is all it takes to setup a reminder that’s gonna warn you about important tasks.

As you can see, Quick Reminder really has a quick setup that only counts down a pre-determined amount of time that’s left until a client needs the project that you’re working on completed, or whatever it is that you need to be reminded of. When the time runs out, a notification will pop-up telling you that time’s up.

Get Quick Reminder.


free reminder extensions google chrome 2

TASKS REMINDER is a bit more feature rich reminder extension, which you can see from the screenshot down below.

Technically speaking TASKS REMINDER is an app, but it runs in a tab and can be used offline, even when there’s no active internet connection. Use the left sidebar to add new tasks. Add tasks name, alert date and task details. Added tasks can be viewed from the list on the right.


Chrome Reminder

free reminder extensions google chrome 3

Chrome Reminder is another reminder app, not a reminder extension for Chrome. This one runs in it’s own window.

It’s very simple, just add your reminders to the list and use the calendar icon on the right to select the deadline (as in date) when the task for that particular reminder needs to be completed. When you finish a task, put a checkmark in front of it and it’s crossed from the list.

Get Chrome Reminder.

Break Reminder

free reminder extensions google chrome 4

Break Reminder is similar to Quick Reminder. It’s very simple, but with a few added bonuses.

Instead of having to select from a predetermined list of minutes and hours when you wanna be notified about a certain reminder you can type in the value manually. Once that the minutes go down to zero, you’ll receive a pop-up reminder telling you that times up.

Get Break Reminder.

Kai Says – Personal Assistant

free reminder extensions google chrome 5

Kai Says is an online virtual assistant with which you can even talk.

You can use your computer microphone to send in voice commands that are then saved as reminders and notifications. Command can also be typed, the old fashioned way. When it’s time to remind you about a certain task, you’ll hear Kai speak it.

Get Kai Says – Personal Assistant.


Chrome Reminder is our favorite from the list above. Make sure to try it out first, if you’re in the market for a Google Chrome reminder extension. Those looking for something a little bit more simpler can try Break Reminder or Quick Reminder, which are simpler but also great. Try them all, see how it goes and leave comments down below.

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