5 Reminder Addons For Firefox

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Here’s a list of 5 reminder addons for Firefox which you can use to never again forget important tasks, meeting and events. Busy schedules that aren’t properly managed are a recipe for disaster because you will not do everything that needs to be done, something will be forgotten. With a reminder setup, you can’t forget tasks, even if you wanted to, and that’s what the following addons are for.

Let’s look at them.


firefox reminder addons 1

ReminderFox is practically a standalone application that you run from inside Firefox. It can be called up from the usual place, top right corner addon section, where the icon is added automatically after installation.

This reminder addon actually has 2 different work modes, the reminder mode, where it acts as a reminder app with alarm, and a to-do mode, where you can create a to-do list of tasks. When you select the Add Event button in the bottom left corner of the interface a new window will pop-up were you can setup the reminder. You’ll have to select date and time, optionally turn off notifications and more. When the time runs out for a certain event you’ll be notified about it with pop-ups and other types of constant nagging.

Get ReminderFox.


firefox reminder addons 2

Since we are talking about Firefox reminder addons, and Firefox is a web browser, it makes sense after all that you are reminded about important tasks with tabs.

That’s exactly what TabAlarm is for. With TabAlarm you can schedule tabs to open as reminders. Simply open up addon settings, from the addon manager and setup a tab open reminder by selecting the URL that you want open and time and date when you want the “alarm” to go off. Once the time runs out, tab will open reminding you that you need to complete that super important task, watching YouTube videos, for example.

Get TabAlarm.

Easy Notes

firefox reminder addons 3

Easy Notes takes note taking, to-do list management and reminders to the cloud, or at least its online account because to use this addon you’ll have to register with the Easy Notes website.

Addon has practically everything that you’ll ever need for managing your life. Like we already mentioned you get notes, reminders, to-dos, favorites, etc. Facebook login is also available to speed things along.

Get Easy Notes.

Really Simple Sticky

firefox reminder addons 4

Really Simple Sticky is the perfect reminder addon for everyone that’s not very interested in registering accounts or having any kind of complicated setup.

You can see the addon in action on the image above. It’s a simple sticky note where you can jot down reminders. The only drawback is that there are no alarms, you have to open up the sticky to be reminded about items saved on it.

Get Really Simple Sticky.

Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager

firefox reminder addons 5

We’ll finish our list with Todoist, one of the most popular to-do list and task manager apps out there.

Registration is required, but again Google login is available to speed things along. Firefox addons opens up as a sidebar where you can control everything, add tasks and reminders to the list, manage old ones, etc.

Get Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager.


For an offline solution go with ReminderFox, for online, we suggest Easy Notes. These two are our favorites, but others aren’t that bad. It depends on what your needs are. Leave comments down below.

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