Audio Record Skype Calls And Save Them With Phrozen Skype REC

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Phrozen Skype REC is a completely free software through which you can audio record Skype calls and encode them in MP3 file format. The software gives you three options to record the calls. You can record your own voice, both yours and your partner’s voice, or just your partner’s voice. This can be done without informing your partner. The software starts functioning as soon as you make a call and gets saved in a list on the interface of the software. You just have to sync the software with your account once.

This software to record Skype calls enables you to save the important conversations you had over Skype. Sometimes you make some important deals or decisions over conversations that you wish could be saved. This software allows you to record and store all that for you. Add to it the ease and simplicity of this software, it makes a fairly nice deal.

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Key Features Of Phrozen Skype REC

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight app
  • Automatically record Skype calls
  • Save recorded audio files in MP3
  • 3 recording options
  • Export recorded files

Record Skype Calls And Save Them

It is not at all difficult to use this software as the most important task is performed automatically. As you launch the software, it asks for a permission to sync with your Skype account. Once you grant that permission, the software will start functioning. It will automatically record all the conversations you have over Skype. The recorded conversations can be seen listed on the interface of the software. You can also export those conversations and save them in a safe place in your system.

Phrozen Skype REC-record skpe calls-allow access

Different Recording Options

This is really the highlighting and attracting feature of this software. It provides you With 3 different recording options. You can choose to only record your own voice, record your partner’s voice along with you, or just record your partner’s voice. The option to record only your partner’s voice without actually informing your partner about it stands out. There aren’t many software to record Skype calls that provide you with this option to only record your partner’s voice.

Phrozen Skype REC-record skpe calls-recording options

Some Missing Links

The software at first looks to be nice and simple. But it does contain some missing links according to me. Apart from the option to record only your partner’s voice, the software doesn’t really provide something very interesting. Its contemporary software in the market allow you to record Skype chats and video calls as well along with the option to record audio calls. They also give you more control as you can manually select which calls you want to record. Whereas, with this software once you allow the access, the software will record all the calls. You will have to sit and delete recordings you do not want.

Final verdict

I would say that it is a very basic and simple software to record Skype calls. There is no doubt about the efficiency of this software, but some additions can certainly be made to make it much better. Like the option to save the audio output in formats other than MP3 could be there. Nevertheless, you can definitely give it a try.

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